A lot of people, particularly those who are new to the field, believe that the only way to monetize a website is through Google Adsense. There is no escaping the extreme influence Google has had on the online business world. Yes, it would be nice to have a combination of ad sources, but thanks to Google you cannot do that if you run their ads. The truth is that there are plenty of alternatives to Google Adsense out there that you can use. Actually, all you need to do is go to Google, ironic, and look for them, and you will see what is currently available. Just arm yourself with these alternatives, a few decent web sites, a professional SEO guide and you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed.

One of the first alternatives to pop up on the scene was Kontera, and I remember that well since they made a big splash. One thing to remember about them is your site will have half a chance if it has been online and gets very good traffic numbers. Basically, what Kontera does is take your content and use it to create text ads. As should be obvious, those little pop up boxes are links that you can click on, etc. This might seem annoying but it is one of the best paying monetization companies online. Adbull is a great website and blog monetization system. It doesn’t take long at all to sign up with this network and begin running your ads, so you can see some quick profits. There is an approval process, as with most companies, so you should be prepared to show how your site is a good match for this network. This will make it more likely that you’ll be quickly approved. If you display ads from this network, you can expect to have click through percentages of between 3% and 5%, which is unusually good. You should be able to see how profitable this could be!

One of the best rated companies for monetizing your website is Smowtion Ads. You can place a variety of banner as well as display ads within your posts. Network websites and other types of sites have other options available to them that are more fitting to what the sites’ primary functions are. This company offers an unusual payment option that even Adsense doesn’t have -your own ATM card! This means you don’t have to achieve a minimum earnings amount before cashing out and using what you’ve earned.

Google Adsense is a fine advertising system but it is not the only option when it comes to website monetization. In this article we have shared three other services that you can check out and test on your website or blog. Start making money with them today!

Harry has been making his living online for several years now. A jack of all trades he writes, promotes and markets and also gives lectures on various SEO techniques. His current favorite is leveraging the power of social bookmarking sites which is becoming increasingly effective with every Google update.

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