If you’re investigating smart phones, you may have some interest in the HTC 7 Mozart Smart Phone. This is a smart phone that was originally released in Australia, as well as the UK, so these are the main markets for it right now. If you’re curious about what the HTC 7 Mozart has to offer, the following information will fill you in on some of its main features.

To keep connected in a variety of interpersonal ways, smart phones are equipped to participate in the social media realm. Bluetooth, WiFi, and other high tech mediums of communication are all integrated into the HTC 7 Mozart. You also have GPS to help you navigate, whether you’re driving or walking. Using Instant Messenger, or seeing who has posted on your wall on Facebook, is possible with this device. You can send text messages, and IMs without a problem with the built-in keyboard. You can also make phone calls to your friends and family the typical way as well. If you talk on the phone a lot, you’ll notice that the HTC 7 Mozart has a considerable amount of clarity each time that you call.

Applications for mobile phones have, for quite a while, been only designed for iPhone and Android systems – the HTC 7 Mozart now has quite a few apps for its Windows OS. Handling calls has never been easier than using the Attentive Phone application. Anyone going into a noisy area will still be able to hear their call if they use this app because it will kick into “pocket mode” and increase the ringer volume for you automatically. It also has “flip for speaker,” which makes it simple to activate the speakerphone option. When you finally do download the Attentive Phone application, it will make your smartphone even easier to use.

When you shop around for a smart phone or any electronics device you naturally have to consider the cost. The HTC 7 Mozart, which starts at $349, is definitely not the cheapest phone you can get. Nor can you find this phone being sold by lots of different sites online, which helps drive down the price with many brands and models. Compared to many other phones, the HTC 7 Mozart is well designed and performs quite well, so we’re not saying it’s not worth the price. A less expensive phone might be right for you if your budget is limited or if you don’t care about having a smart phone that has every possible feature. There are even smart phones at bargain prices nowadays, though, as with everything, you’ll have to sacrifice in terms of features or performance. You have to determine your own needs and budget. So if you’re looking for a high-quality phone, look no further than the HTC 7 Mozart smartphone. Limitations are definitely there, despite all of the features on this phone. The Windows OS works well with your PC computer, so it probably won’t appeal as much to Mac users. The HTC 7 Mozart is a great smartphone, however, because of its geographical location primarily being in Australia and the UK, customer service might not be that great.

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