Governments have been looking for ways to save money for centuries, and it looks like the beginning of the 21st Century is a continuation of that trend. From local government to the Federal Government, the economic downturn has made policy makers more eager than ever to save a buck on anything they possibly can. While governments have developed a reputation for not accomplishing much, it’s not all just about arguing in Congress and vetoing laws. On the Federal, State, and Local level, governments are responsible for a lot of physical change and work – construction, renovations, maintenance, and many other types of useful, practical work. This means equipment, and equipment costs money. Many people may recall the scandal many years ago when it turned out that the Federal Government was paying outrageous money for simple tools and parts. It all adds up.

In the world of tools, the oscillating multi tool is one of the superstars. They make oscillating blades to cut just about any material you can think of – soft wood, hardwood, sheet metal, pipe, fiberglass, plastics, drywall, etc. They also make oscillating blades that scrape up dried paint, concrete, or tile grout, grind metal, polish metal, or sand various surfaces. The tools are durable, light, and easy to use, and the blades are very precise. Government-funded construction crews, repair crews, demolition crews, and other groups of workers could make good use of these tools if they don’t have them already. Each tool can be used for dozens of types of jobs, depending on the blade. These tools and blades would save money in the long run because they would eliminate the need for these workers to have as many different tools. Since they are lighter and easy to use than many traditional tools, they also tend to be safer, which could cut down on injuries and accident-related expenses.

Most tool makers have their own oscillating tool, so governments could easily negotiate contracts with Fein, Sonicrafter, Dremel, Rockwell, and or any other maker of these tools. All of them produce great tools at decent prices. However, the blades can get very expensive. They are precise and durable, but they don’t last forever. Any oscillating tool use on a large scale for big projects is going to go through a ton of blades, and the name brand ones like Sonicrafter blades or Fein blades are going to be pretty pricey after a while. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem as well. If the people in charge of these projects look online, they can easily find high quality replacement blades that will fit any of these tools. The replacements are rugged and very precise, and they cost one half to one fifth of the retail price of the name brand blades. It may not alleviate the national debt, but the use of these inexpensive, versatile tools, and the purchase of the right replacement blades, could add up to a fortune in savings over time if it were done on a national level. It could really help local governments when they are renovating buildings, erecting playgrounds, remodeling offices, etc. As they say, “Every little bit helps.”

The author is a business owner, craftsman, and community service volunteer who has written several articles about saving money, home projects, tools, and uses for Fein blades, Sonicrafter blades, and other oscillating blades.

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