Every woman deals with her menopause differently. Some use medicine to treat the symptoms. Some women choose herbs to fight the symptoms. Lifestyle changes are another way to treat the symptoms of menopause. Some women will try to ignore their symptoms and try to pretend that they are not going through their symptoms. The good news is that women no longer have to suffer through menopause (unless they really want to). There are a lot of different menopause treatments available to the women who want them. Unfortunately there is no single absolute menopause treatment because every woman has a different menopause experience. That said, there are a lot of popular treatments that people use today.

You need to do at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise every day. Believe it or not, regular exercise is a very effective menopause treatment. Aging adjacent diseases like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis can also be helped by regular aerobic exercise. Exercise also helps you sleep better at night and keeps your mood elevated during the day. It is quite hard to give in to the symptoms of menopause when you are in a good mood! Exercise can also help you relieve stress!

Menopausal women should increase their Vitamin E intake.

There are no reports of Vitamin E being bad for you. Some women report that an increased intake of Vitamin E helps reduce their hot flashes. Just as most other herbal remedies are said to be inconclusive as to their results, Vitamin E is no exception. The best method of increasing Vitamin E intake is through the food you eat. Dietary supplement medication such as Vitamin E are more difficult for your system to absorb.

Set aside time for rest and sleep when possible. Getting a good amount of sleep each night is imperative to your health during menopause. You will maintain a higher degree of energy and a more stable mood throughout the day if you get enough sleep at night. It is highly recommended that women having difficulty sleeping discontinue the use of all stimulants including coffee. Your decision to cut out caffeine and exercise more can be a life saver on the sleep cycles during menopause. Few people know just how important regular sleep can be during menopause.

Treating menopause is not universal. There is no single menopause treatment that works on every woman. Most women find that a combination of herbal, medicinal and lifestyle treatment is the best menopause treatment method. Others choose to only use one kind of treatment. Still other women want to pretend that menopause isn’t happening to them. You will figure out what works well for you. Do make sure that you take a moment to talk to your doctor about all of the different menopause treatments that you want to try. Get approval from your doctor before you try anything new. You want to help yourself not hurt yourself.

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