Choosing a college is never easy. There are lots of variables for Hawaii students to consider – major, location, extracurricular activities, cost. Comparing universities, programs and lifestyles can get confusing and exhausting. Consider staying local in Hawaii and choosing a business management degree for your undergraduate work. Hawaii’s gorgeous islands, beaches and mountains provide amazing views that you’ll never tire of. Seek out a Hawaii business college that meets your requirements and spend your time in college close to home.

Specializations & Curriculum

A business management degree program is a broad field that allows students many options. Options for specialization include Human Resources, Information Technology and Marketing, depending on whether you like helping people, working with computers or selling products. Business management courses teach students skills that are useful not just in college, but also throughout life, such as critical thinking, decision making and problem solving. Business management students learn how to communicate effectively, be productive and manage finances. Business management courses prepare students to work in the global marketplace.

Internship and Learning Opportunities

Many business management courses require students to complete an internship with a professional business in order to graduate. Often, colleges will help students find an internship that suits their needs. This hands-on experience is crucial and beneficial to business students – interns will learn how companies operate in terms of dealing with competition, presenting on a professional level and even simple office politics. Plus, many business management programs and internships employ the latest technology, giving students a way to stay ahead of an ever-changing economy. In addition to the experience that comes from interning, Business Management students often have access to professional guest speakers at their college who provide integral information about the career path.

Ethics and the Legal System

One main component of any business management course is business ethics. Students will learn the right – and wrong – behavior that can take place in a workplace. Via case studies, students learn how to handle these problems in terms of morality and fairness. This skill will help students in all areas of their life, even outside of school and a future job. Expanding on the idea of ethics, business students must learn the different areas of the legal system that relate to business management, and in turn, learn how to work in accordance with a diverse group of people sans judgment and oppression. With the right amount of elbow grease, you should be able to find a Hawaii business college with the right program for you.

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