There are a lot of people who refuse to see a doctor until they feel so sick that they are worried they can’t look after themselves anymore. The fact is that a lot of the more serious illnesses out there could easily be cured early on or avoided altogether if people just kept better track of their health. This means that you’ll want to check out quite a few things regularly even if you don’t feel sick. These are a lot of the usual health checks that you should start doing.

You can never be too old to get your height examined. There is a reason that, while you go to your doctor (no matter what type you may be seeing), you are requested to stand against the height chart on the wall. People really do get smaller when they age. They drop about a half an inch throughout each decade after they turn forty. This gets even bigger after a person grows to seventy years of age. If you shed more than this or for anyone who is starting to get smaller before you turn forty, this could be an early indicator of osteoporosis or other kinds of health issues. This is the reason you’ll want to watch your height quite closely, even if you only calculate your height in your own home.

You need to watch your blood pressure. Blood pressure is usually an aspect in many items like strokes, heart attacks, hypertension and other sorts of health risks. You want to keep the levels low-not too low obviously, but within a healthy range for your height, weight and age. Ask your physician what your best blood pressure numbers need to be and then check on a regular basis to make sure that you are staying on track. Almost any grocery store and pharmacy has a blood pressure checker that is either free or incredibly cheap to use to test your pressure. If the numbers seem off, talk to your doctor to understand what might be causing the numbers to change and what you can do to get back on track. You can prevent all kinds of health problems if you keep your blood pressure in a healthy range.

Check your hearing frequently. Hearing loss is one thing many people do not discover until it is too late to do anything about it. Losing our hearing can result in cognitive function loss in addition to thoughts of isolation along with other psychological problems. If you can find free screenings in your area, take advantage of them and be sure to ask your doctor to do regular checks whenever you are in for a visit. This can help you understand when it is time to use preventative measures and when you can start taking steps to preserve the hearing you currently have.

These things might not seem like the greatest deal but the truth is that they all contribute to our all-around health both now and as we get older. The actual truth is that you should pay attention to your body and what is happening inside of it. Even little modifications can be signs of big problems. Ask your physician which kind of problems you should be looking out for and what you need to check regularly.

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