The ancient origami art of Japan can be used to make a huge variety of creative and decorative things. Use can even use origami to create a colorful and inexpensive fish mobile. But first in order to make a fish mobile, you must know how to make an origami fish.

Come let us first know how to make an origami fish. The things which you will need to make an origami fish mobile are:

• Origami paper
• 1/8” Ribbon
• Tape
• 10″ wooden embroidery hoop
• Glue stick
• Scissor
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Craft glue
• Googly eyes

The first step to make a fish is to lay the garland paper facing downwards. A pencil can be used to draw a line from one corner to other using a ruler which will divide the paper into two triangles. Then you need to fold the paper in half in such a way that it is just off to the center line. Then you need to look for a small white triangle on the paper from its bottom to poke out on each of the triangle points. Then you need to firmly and carefully crease the paper. The next step is to position the paper in such a way that the base of the triangle towards you. Then you need to fold the paper in half again. Then next you need to make the fold off center as in the first fold and then slowly crease the fold in the correct position. Then just turn the paper over to see the fish. Then next you place the point of the large triangle to the right to get the mouth of the fish. Then just apply a small dot of craft glue to the two googly eyes and then place each eye on both side of the fish face and let the glue dry completely. And now your fish is ready to be used.

Now to make a fish mobile you first need to cut two 48″ lengths of ribbon. Then holding both the ribbons together find the middle and try to make a knot about 1″ from the middle which will enable to hang the finished mobile from. Then next you need to another knot about 4″ below the first. Then next you need to separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoop. Then make four marks evenly around the loop. Then next attach the four ribbons to the hoop using the marks. Then slip the outer portion of the embroidery hoop on and then slowly tighten the screw to secure. Then using a scissor, make a small slit in the top of each fish so that you can tie the fishes to the ribbons to hang. And your fish mobile is ready to be hanged.

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