At Icon kitchen and bath design, there are products such as cabinetry, counter tops, tiles and hardware available on wholesale.

At Icon kitchen and bath design, there are products such as cabinetry, counter tops, tiles and hardware available on wholesale. The ideal clients for these products include homeowners, management companies and contractors. Apart from the provision of high quality products, Icon kitchen and bath design renders other services to customers including consultation and education required for maintenance and preservation of kitchen remodeling and quality cabinetry. Under cabinetry, there are different types of kitchen cabinets categorized into Value series, Concord series and Elite series. Under Value series, there are kitchen cabinets such as Country Oak, Classic oak, Sierra, Cascade, K Honey, K Cherry and K Cinnamon.

Country Oak is one of the kitchen cabinets with best quality ever. Its design is traditional in nature. The interior of the kitchen cabinets is coated with a light wood finish. On the other hand, the exterior contains a warm and honey-like color. The country oak series has a singular blending of durable beauty.

The Concord series comprises of kitchen cabinets such as the New Yorker, Siena Rope, Sand Stone Rope, Bristol, Hampton, Warwick, Wave Hill, Elegant, Shaker Town and Rockport. All these kitchen cabinets can be obtained on wholesale. On the other hand, the kitchen cabinets under the Elite series are Manchester, Pacifica, Georgetown, Oasis, Wheaton, Lexington and Tribecca.

Apart from the kitchen cabinets, cabinetry also entails bathroom vanities. There are three types of series under which bathroom vanities fall: Lyn series, Value series and Concord series. The Value series has several bathroom vanities including Country Oak, Bali, Cascade, Jamestown, Country White, Elegant and Newport Birch. All these bathroom vanities have breathtaking designs and features. For instance, Country Oak stands for a casual style vanity that features simplicity and natural beauty. They can be obtained on wholesale. This glittering vanity will add extra beauty to your bathroom with a smart traditional style.

The Concord series has several bathroom vanities such as Rockport, Wheaton, Hampton, Lexington, Princeton, Danbury, Concord Cherry and Sturbridge. These bathroom vanities too, come in a traditional style and can be acquired on wholesale. They have very colorful features. For example, the Rockport comes in a timeless style with a balance between beauty and brawn, coupled with elegant richness that leaves everyone comfortable. Besides the Value and Concord series, bathroom vanities also appear in the Lyn design with several products that are just about to be released.

Apart from the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, there are also counter tops. These ones have an incredible impact on the general style and tone of a bathroom or kitchen. Counter tops appear in diverse colors and materials. There are diverse materials that can easily suit the preferences and needs of the customers. When you visit the showroom, you can come across counter tops made of materials such as granite, tiles, marble and other trademark names including Quartzmasters and Caesarstone. Replacing the counter tops in your home is the simplest and best way to add extraordinary beauty to your bathroom or kitchen. To add such amazing beauty to the house, you should not hesitate to acquire the counter tops.

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