You need to do more than give your baby a bath if you want to practice proper baby skin care. You need to take steps to ensure that every cell of your kid’s skin is clean and healthy. Treating developing skin conditions, taking care of your child’s laundry and keeping him out of the sun are all important. Remember, your baby’s skin is far more sensitive than the skin you have as an adult. Junior needs your help to make sure that skin issues do not develop on any part of his body. The good news is that proper baby skin care does not have to be complicated. In fact, you can probably develop quite a good routine early on. Here are some hints to help you out.

A baby’s bath does not have to be very long at all. Keeping your newborn baby in the bath tub for too long can be harmful. The bath need only be long enough to wet the baby down, soap him up and then rinse him off. After rinsing off the baby, apply a little bit of lotion or moisturizer and then towel her dry. Make sure you dry your baby off completely or a variety of rashes or infections could develop. If you’re doubtful of this just look at all of the folds and ripples in your baby’s skin; moisture can hide in all of those places! Make sure you use a soft towel!

When you shop for baby skin care products read the ingredients carefully. You shouldn’t buy products that contain added fragrances, dyes, parabens or phthalates. These are all ingredients that have been known to cause things like rashes and other skin conditions. The last thing you want is to irritate your baby’s skin when all you are trying to do is keep it clean! Choose skin care products that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Consider asking your pediatrician for help if you aren’t sure which skin care products are best for your baby.

Babies can get acne too-especially when they are newborns. The cause of the acne stems back to the pregnancy when the hormones of the mother is setting the stage for later acne production. Oil production in the baby’s skin is caused by the mother’s hormones, the oil gets trapped in the pores and lead to infection. You are never to let your baby’s skin come into contact with any adult acne clearer! This can lead to endangering your child’s health. The acne will usually disappear in a few weeks as long as you keep the irritated area clean, you can do this with your normal bathing routine.

You have a lot of options to choose from to help you protect your child’s skin. Remember, proper skin care habits form early on in life so the earlier you develop a baby skin care routine for your child the healthier your child’s skin will be later on in life.

Remember, baby skin care extends beyond the face and includes taking care of the baby’s whole body.

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