Current human civilization has spread with fraud, corruption, jealousy. The world We are living today has become a dangerous place to live in, thanks to deprivation of moral values and receding trust over the time. This has led to many unsocial and criminal activities whether it is household, society or corporate field. Although there is law for taking care of these but the high occurrence of these evils things makes the law and order process to sluggish. Here comes the term private investigating agency. One such high profile California Private Investigation agency is Optimal Intelligence. They are a pioneer in investigating cases like simple domestic investigation to complex ones like insurance fraud, civil investigation, forensic data recovery, computer forensics etc.
Optimal Intelligence believes and follows the ideology of “Innocent until Guilty” and supports its client’s to brink of Justice Delivery, so that no innocent is convicted. They also carry crime related investigation in order to unearth the truth and bring justice to the real culprit. They are armed with sophisticated electronic and digital tools required to carry out secure and covert investigation. Backed by its decades of experience in investigation, OI has managed to bag the title of best private investigator in California.

Optimal Intelligence offers services in:
Insurance Fraud – Special Investigative Unit (SIU): Optimal Intelligence provides a professional insurance fraud investigation. Optimal Intelligence has exclusive capabilities that ensure the validity of the claim we are investigating.
Civil Investigation: Optimal Intelligence provides services like Breach of contract, Defamation, Intellectual property theft, real estate disputes etc
Crime Investigation: Optimal Intelligence carries out crime investigation by reviewing all prosecutorial investigation to date, evaluating physical evidence and witness statements.
Domestic Investigation: Optimal Intelligence’s helps in can removing the doubts in case of an unfaithful relationship and provides you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem.
Forensic Data Recovery: Optimal Intelligence provides the client a detailed report outlining file structures, media integrity, and the recoverability of deleted files. They then make recommendations how to proceed if further information needs to be retrieved.
Email Tracking: Optimal Intelligence’s investigative staffs utilize cutting edge technology and old-fashioned investigative skills to identify the senders of spam’s and emails with threatening, fraudulent and harassing contents.
Counter Surveillance: Optimal Intelligence Investigators are experts in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; known in the field as TSCM. Their staff audits individual machines and network for intrusions like information theft and provide a valid architecture of your entire network by outlining such vulnerabilities.
E-Discovery: Optimal Intelligence’s professionals properly handle, integrate and process ESI (Electronic Significant Information) or electronic evidence which constitute majority of every case.
Network Intrusion: Optimal Intelligence’s investigators possess the knowledge and expertise to identify exploits like white hat/black hat hacking, Trojans and viruses and implement proper IT protocols to prevent future vulnerabilities.

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