The ability of the brain to obtain new knowledge via thought, experience and the five senses is what is referred to as cognitive abilities of the brain.

The ability of the brain to obtain new knowledge via thought, experience and the five senses is what is referred to as cognitive abilities of the brain. The Piagets theory of development of cognitive abilities describes four different stages of development of cognitive abilities; from the sensorimotor stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operational stage and finally the formal operational stage. Each of these stages refers to a certain age period and that is why the cognitive abilities of an adult cannot be compared to that of a child. For example in the sensorimotor stage the acquisition of knowledge is limited and knowledge is mainly acquired via experiences and interactions.

This is quite different from the formal operational stage which is the last stage where symbols can already be linked to abstract concepts. There are certain brain related ailments that lead to the degeneration of these cognitive abilities; for example an adult who is supposed to be in the formal operational stage will be the same as a toddler who is in the concrete operational stage all because of a brain related illness. Recent developments in the field of neuroscience has shown that regular brain fitness training can prove to be very helpful to people of all ages who have experience a decline in their cognitive abilities.

To begin with, the decline in cognitive abilities may be attributed to diseases, trauma or in some cases chemotherapy. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or in short ADHD is probably the most common mental disorder that affects children’s cognitive abilities. ADHD mainly cause impaired functioning in the child and if left untreated it may result in long term adverse effects that may extent into the child’s adolescence and adulthood. The cognitive abilities that ADHD causes a child to lack is the ability to concentrate or pay attention, the ability to follow instructions and also the ability to inhibit actions.

In short a child diagnosed with ADHD will lack the ability to develop cognitive abilities. The brain fitness program should prove to be effective when it comes to improving the child’s attention skills among other cognitive abilities. Alzheimer’s disease is also a common disease that affects individual’s cognitive abilities; it is mainly common in people who are in their old age and affects people’s memory, thought and behavior. A person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease will gradually forget the knowledge that they had acquired all throughout their life.

AD is a progressive disease and as it worsens the individuals short term memory will also be affected and eventually patients will end up forgetting the names of their closest relatives and friends. The other form of brain related illnesses that affect an individual’s cognitive abilities are multiple sclerosis and cognitive fatigue, chemo fog and chemo brain, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. In order to know more about theses disease and how brain fitness can help keep them under control then you should simply go to your search engine and use it to search a website that has brain fitness programs.


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