It was a dark and stormy night. . . .Well, actually, it wasn’t; but I’m adding a little drama to convey just how disastrous this holiday season could have been without my Christmas ecards. I realized–only in the last few days before the big day–I hadn’t sent out my greetings! The weeks leading up to the holiday were pretty hectic with two office parties to attend; the kid’s classroom party, then their holiday play; a gift-list that rivals St. Nick’s; four gazillion mini-lights to check for the house; and an equal number of Christmas cookies to bake. The greetings just completely slipped my mind. It’s happened to us all, hasn’t it?

I didn’t actually intend to use Christmas e cards for my holiday greetings this year but, as you can see, I was desperate. After a brief search, I found a site online that has some of the funniest and most beautiful greetings I have seen in a long time. The greetings are really much more vivid and touching than the seasons-greetings paper cards I usually send. Once I had my account set up, I gathered up my email addresses and began sending my message of holiday cheer. While the whole experience started as a disaster, it ended up by being a bunch of fun–selecting individual messages just-suited for each person on my greeting list. And I found that Christmas ecards were actually a lot more personal than my usual holiday card.

E-greetings also are available for other occasions and holidays during the year. My e-card website has birthday, anniversary, and romantic-occasion greetings along with some fun messages just to say hello. Of course, I shared my wonderful find with my girlfriends, and now most plan to send out Christmas e-cards this year also. Apparently, I was not the only one who forgot about Christmas cards this year!

What is the best approach? Take a little time to search around online for an e-greetings site. The Internet has many such greetings sites online. A little warning: not all sites have the same quality of original and amusing messages. On the other hand, some sites offer free Christmas ecards to get you started with the service. Definitely take advantage of the offered freebie while you evaluate the quality of the greetings and service. An email reminder service is also a great tool to have on your side all year long. While you shouldn’t need a reminder to send out the Xmas greetings, it can’t hurt to get a little nudge in your email inbox. The site I use allows me to import all of my email addresses for convenience, which made sending the greetings when I signed up much quicker, and much more efficient.

Even though I shared Christmas ecards with all my friends and family, only a few people know the circumstances that led me to turn to my computer for help. My family members were so bowled over by the beauty of the greetings that I decided to keep my almost-disaster to myself. There is really no reason they need to know that I forgot to send them a card this year. All they need to know is that the Christmas ecards were a meaningful multimedia experience I shared with them during the holiday season.

Hopefully, you will have more time to explore the world of e-greetings before you have to send them for other occasions. Take time to research the sites and look for one that offers you some perks for your membership. And of course you’ll want to consider greetings quality when selecting your greeting site. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the free Christmas e cards when you sign up for an account. And get those holiday messages out!

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Doozy Cards offers a full line of Christmas ecards for everyone on your holiday list. Christmas e cards include beautiful holiday music, funny messages and heartfelt wishes for the year. Visit to explore the world of e-greetings and sign up for an account to receive Free Christmas e-cards.

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