There’s no question that a clear trend exists for the rise in diagnosed autism in children, and that’s why parents should take the time to learn more about the symptoms. The best thing to do is catch the disease early, recognize and diagnose it early, and that’s an excellent reason in itself to know the major symptoms. While autism cannot usually be cured, many of it’s symptoms can be managed. So let’s have a discussion about certain symptoms of this disease that seem to be more prevalent than others.

One of the most obvious symptoms of autism in children is an inability to speak and express themselves in a normal way. They have difficulty learning language which can delay their ability to speak. When autistic children do speak, their speech has unusual characteristics. As an example, when they are engaged in conversation, they may just repeat the same words over and over, or imitate others. An autistic child will most likely also have a high pitched or flat voice. Autistic people find using language to communicate difficult. The autistic child and adult does not seem to understand important aids in communication such as changes in a person’s tone of voice, or the other person’s body language. The result is the autistic person is unable to detect signs in other people that related to various feelings and emotions. They also tend to not understand language that is not literal, such as metaphors, humor or sarcasm. In general, to communicate effectively with autistic people, the message has to be given in a very direct and literal way. It is still difficult for a high functioning autistic person to completely get by due to this inability to understand figurative speech.

There are other symptoms that have been seen in very many children, and they can be one or more of the following: extreme forms of attachement to an object, certain highly ritualistic behaviors that make no sense at all to anyone but them, and highly repetitive motions. An autistic person is able to completely stare at a rock for hours and hours. As far as the ritual type of behavior; you can often see physical movements repeated the same way, or walking in a pattern such as a circle that is just repeated. Great caution needs to be taken because there could be an instance when self-injury can occur due to banging his head or hurting himself in some other way. For this reason, some people with autism are given medication to control their behavior or restrained to prevent them from harming themselves or others. However not all autistic children are like that, and it’s mainly those who are the worst cases of the disease.

Those with autism will display a wide range of behaviors and symptoms. The extremes go from not being able to hold a conversation to being able to hold a job, or start a family. Our understanding of this condition will continue to grow as we continue to research it. These are the most common symptoms of autism, although there are many others.

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