1982 was the year that Sun Country Airlines came into existence, and they were formed from a pool of talented former Braniff Airlines employees. It was from that seemingly dark hour that they rose to the occasion by developing a regional carrier airline. They did very well for themselves, unfortunately what happened in September of 2001 dealt such a blow to the airline that they stopped all operations in December. Just like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, Sun Country Airlines was bought up and then put back into business. Thus proving the resiliency of this company to find a way to come back to life and continue doing what they do best.

Only 33 employees were on board when Sun Country first began scheduled flights. They were all willing to work hard, and of course were highly motivated. Everyone put in a helping hand and did their part to make the company profitable. When you are alone and starting a business like that, then you put things aside and focus on the job. The end result was a profitable company in several months.

A bright spot for Sun Country is they were awarded the scheduled flight between Lansing MI to Washington DC at Washington National Airport. This move was based on a selection involving the US Dept of Transportation, USDOT. Eventually there will be stops in Lansing, but the flight will originate from Minneapolis Minnesota.

From Lansing, the flight will continue on to Washington National Airport. Since this was just announced, the stops in Lansing have not yet begun. These will also be daily stops at Lansing which will be more business for the airline.

Recently, Sun Country Airlines created a program they designated as Sun Country Vacations. What that program does is offer an even higher degree of efficiency and booking convenience. The benefit of this program is you can take care of everything for your flight or vacation all at once. You can lease or charter an aircraft through their Sun Country Charter service.

The thing that is striking about Sun Country Airlines is they really do have a solid and consistent reputation for quality.

It would be different if they were not able to walk the talk, but they do and do it very well. Operating an airline is tough, but they do it and manage to give their passengers first class treatment. So here they are, thirty years later and they are still living the dream that started with on flight to one city.

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