Forgot computer password? Don’t ever lose your heart!
For those of you using Windows computers and getting upset with Windows password forgotten problems, listen up! Here is a straight forward article showing you how to bypass computer password and regain access to your PC.

Bypass Computer PasswordBypassing computer password is never a tough job.
If you are thinking bypassing computer password is never hard job, then absolutely you are wrong! Bypass computer password? Well, then follow me.

NO1 Password rescuing measure—Use Windows built-in Administrator

As an example let’s take this—My Acer laptop. Suppose I’ve forgotten my laptop password, and have been locked out. The first rescuing measure I would consider about the Windows built-in Administrator because this is the easiest and safest way. Below are the specific instructions on this measure.
Step1: I start my Acer laptop as usual, and wait for the Windows logon screen.
Step2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice first, then a classic login box pops out.
Step3: Different from what I used to log on my laptop, this time I need to type Administrator in the username box and leave its password box blank.
Step4: Now I have successfully accessed to my Acer laptop without password.
(Comment: I admit this way could be the quickest and easiest one to bypass computer password, but don’t ever get too excited. Many computer users did some changes for the built-in Administrator’s default settings, so that it means this way wouldn’t become practicable.)

NO2 Computer password finding—Use Windows Password Recovery Standard tobypass computer login password

Windows Password Recovery Standard is a little 32MB professional software that lets you reset or bypass computer password for all Windows operating systems. The only requirements are that you should have another accessible computer and an empty CD or DVD.

Windows Password Recovery Standard is easy to use, below are the detailed steps:
Step1: Quickly download, install and run this tool on an accessible computer.
Step2: Insert an empty and writable CD/DVD to the computer and start to burn it into a computer password reset disk with Windows Password Recovery Standard.
Step3: Insert the burned password reset disk to the target/locked computer, and set this PC boot from CD/DVD.
Step4: Reset forgotten computer password with the burned password reset disk in less than 1 minute.
Step5: After computer password resetting procedures finish, reboot your PC, and then you finally bypass your computer password and regain access to your PC.

As mentioned previously, Windows Password Recovery Standard is a professional software application to bypass computer password, then combined with the instructions above, you can totally trust such a good program.

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