Say you’ve noticed that when you wear your bathrobe backwards, it makes quite a neat blanket.
You have decided to create a product that you have wisely called “Snuglet … or something sorta like that, and after many days and nights of work, you are ready to take your product to the first and final frontier: the Internet.

After the dust settled in research, you realize that Magento is the most brilliant, sexy, easy to use CMS eCommerce platform out there. (We agree with you). And your Snuglet are required for Magento fame.

But who’s going to develop your Magento site? When you do a search on Google Magento developer you get GASP!), 6 million. Results! Do you just pick the first technology company on the list? Do you quotes from all of them and choose the cheapest? Do you call your friends with a Facebook? Your dad is good with computers. Maybe he could do it ….

Choosing Magento developer can be scarier than Spanish cucumbers, so we’ve provided a few tips for choosing a team to make your own e-commerce site really sing and get your Snuglet or who may be in your product – online map.

1) You can Partner with Magento

A good place to start your search should Magento Commerce site. They have an extensive database of companies that are both silver and gold-level partners, ie they have access to the Magento support services, extensions, forums and other real smart people who can help your project running smoothly. Search the human element of the profile to see our official status as one of the cool kids.

We also have that sweet little logo on each of our web site just screams at you that we are more competent than the nerds at the bottom of the page, and we have some pretty sweet nerd relationships. Make sure you see that somewhere on your web developer as well.

Remember, your project’s scope, the choice of developer. If you are a small business trying to market Snuglet using the free version of Magento, you may not need a Gold Partner. No need to kill a rabbit with a bazooka. However, if you have a large catalog of complex business rules, or when the back-end systems and plan to use Magento Professional or Enterprise integration, you’ll probably want silver or gold level partner of Magento, with big guns needed to knock out your project.

What is the difference between silver and gold partners? Overall, this organization and service offering, subject to size. If you have a 5k budget, you probably will not want to call the golden partner. However, some companies will take a small project, if you’re willing to buy or maintain the hours in a bucket.

2) Check your Magento Developer Portfolio

Once you find the Magento developers are willing to work with a handful, check your wallet. Some companies – as we call it “work”, some companies call it “web pages, some companies may call it” our customers. “The bottom line is that a great Magento developer will be proud of the things they have done and make it easy to find.

View a company can be found on Google and peruse your Porfolio. Make sure you find examples of work that you would like your company.

3) If possible, you can face

Work over the Internet is great because you can get things done, to meet in person. Effective, yes, but not always the best way to do business. So do darndest to meet one-on-one with your developers and learn about their background and what they recommend for your project. You have a better idea on how comfortable they are with the platform, how long they’ve worked with him, and what they know about Magento’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sitting down with their creators as well as give you a better idea of ??whether you really like your team’s development – more questions than you think. You are going to spend some quality time with these people during the development process. If the account manager is a bit dodgy if your neurotic designer, he can turn this process into a nightmare in a hurry. However, when you work with good people that you love, you’ll have a much better development experience, and you’ll probably get a better product in the end.

4). Ask for References

So now that you have narrowed it down to a couple companies that seek to link the company to Magento customers. You probably will not hire an employee, but they have already submitted your CV. Even Sarah Palin can apply for a job as a rocket scientist … Or the president on this issue. It does not need to hire NASA to carry out the mission control.

Companies understand and have no problems, you references. The last thing you want to be a test project, the company that has no idea how Magento works, or how to deal with the complexity of the program. We have helped several clients who, unfortunately, have had this experience with other developers, and it can get ugly. You want a company that has extensive experience in developing Magento sites and is not afraid to share these links with you.

5) Make sure you explain your product and business practices taking place

Whether you are a new company, do you rebuild an existing site with the Magento eCommerce, make sure that your designer knows what you need, and more importantly, they have confirmed that they can do whatever you want. Do you need to be integrated with the ERP system? Do you need search engine optimization services? You need a regular ol ‘magento custom extensions to it?

Chances are, even if you are just selling coat that you cleverly disguised as a blanket, is probably a few unique features you want on your site. Custom check-out, changing the product images, color swatches fancy … whatever it is, just make sure your designer knows what you mean, and they can deliver these items so that you can not do without. Explain how your business operates day-to-day basis will help your designer come up with a plan and give you a little to reassure that you choose the right technology guys.
6.) Evaluate the Developer’s Website

You probably don’t want to choose a company whose website looks like it was built in 1997. Although those were legendary times in eCommerce history, you want a company that has a modern perspective and keeps up with current trends. If the developer’s site hasn’t been updated since Limp Bizkit was cool, you should definitely note the red flag.

7.) Price vs. Quality

When you’re choosing your Magento developer, keep in mind: You get what you pay for. We know it’s a cliche, but we’ve seen it a lot. HumanElement has had several clients come to us with half-finished projects from other developers that just spun out of control because their previous developer didn’t understand what they were undertaking with Magento, underbid the project, and couldn’t complete it. Keep in mind that the cheapest developer is rarely the best, and sometimes you’ll end up spending a lot more to fix something than building it correctly in the first place for a little more.

That doesn’t mean you need to go with the most expensive developer to get a functioning Magento site, but it does mean you should look carefully at what each company is proposing in their quote. Make sure all the features you want are included in that proposal, and that you’ve spelled out functions that are essential to your business.

Whoever you end up choosing, be confident that your developer has the skills to meet the needs of your business, or you could end up with an internet mess bigger than Snooki.

If you have questions about Magento, or would like a quote on your Magento project, we invite you to explore Human Element today or visit our website to explore our work. We’re located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and chances are, we’re probably the perfect Magento developer for you.

Adrienne Ziegler is a seasoned sorceress in the mystical art of Search Engine Optimization. Known to her friends and colleagues as “Dree,” you can generally find this keyword cache-ing, word smith-ing, pundit of the internet kicking ass in the Ann Arbor Roller Derby, bouncing to the October Babies, or communing with Jambo Man, the Michigan Roots Jamboree mascot. She also works at Human Element, where she practices her internet marketing slight-of-hand on a daily basis.

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