Heroin is a powerful drug. It can create powerful addictions in those who use it. The conventional wisdom is that there is no cure for addiction and the best that can be accomplished at a heroin rehab center is detox and introduction to a Twelve Step program.

Notice that the conventional wisdom holds no hope for real recovery, and adheres to the “disease theory,” telling people with addictions that they are diseased, defective, powerless (the first of the Twelve Steps) and, in essence, defective.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you may be wondering how to select the best heroin rehab center.

If you choose a traditional drug and alcohol rehab facility, there is a 100% chance that you will not be cured of your addiction. There is a 100% chance that you will be directed to join Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a 100% chance that you will be informed that you are diseased and cannot be cured. And there is a 0% chance that the problems underlying your addiction will be addressed, in treatment or after.

If you find this disturbing, there are three things you should consider when choosing a drug rehab program. Even if you’re currently considering a high-end drug rehab, you need to think seriously about what you want and what your end result will be.

Drug Rehab Center

1. Does the drug rehab center you are considering use methadone detox? It is important for you to know that ten people die each day in the US as a result of methadone overdose. While most traditional drug rehab facilities use methadone, it is far from safe. Holistic drug rehab programs have not a methadone clinic but an Ibogaine clinic, and the Ibogaine program actually does detoxify the body. Methadone is known as a detox method, but in fact it is just another drug. Ibogaine is not a drug, does not create dependence and has no side effects. It’s a completely safe and natural detox which removes not only the drugs from the body, but also other toxins which can complicate recovery.

2. Does the drug rehab program you have in mind adhere to the “disease” theory? Most programs tell patients they have an “incurable disease” and encourage, or even require, them to attend Twelve Step meetings, admit their powerlessness, and identify themselves as an addict for the rest of their lives. While well-meaning in most cases, this type of treatment weakens and dehumanizes the person with an addiction. Holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs, on the other hand, cure addiction by treating body, mind and soul. The person who emerges from a holistic drug rehab center is a different person from the person who went in.

3. Does the heroin rehab program you’re considering have a spiritual aspect? This may be confusing. Most people believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is a “spiritual program,” but in fact it is not. God is mentioned only once in the Twelve Steps, and that is a reference to “God as we understood him.” AA does not provide spiritual counseling or spiritual activities to heal the soul. Traditional heroin treatment programs do not offer this spiritual treatment, either. Holistic addiction treatment centers, on the other hand, devote a great deal of attention to the spirit and the mind, as well as the body. The focus at a holistic, alternative drug rehab center is on helping you become a person without an addiction. The idea of disease is completely off the table, and the goal of treatment is to remove underlying problems which hinder recovery. The result is a total cure from heroin addiction.

In considering this matter of a total cure, you may doubt that this is possible. That is understandable. The question to ask yourself is, “Why do I believe there is no cure?” The answer, of course, is that the medical establishment, and the Twelve Step establishment, have repeatedly stated that there is no cure. The next question, then, is, “Have these people earnestly and honestly sought a cure?”

The answer, in the case of Twelve Step Programs, is no, they have not. They believe there is no cure, and they do not have an interest in discovering a cure. Some in the medical field have researched and investigated cures for addiction and alcoholism. They, however, have focused on a medical cure, such as a pill or a potion. No one currently involved in traditional alcohol treatment has honestly investigated holistic drug rehab. Their repeated claims that it cannot work are based only on their beliefs, not on actual investigation and evaluation.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers heroin treatment that can work. It does work. It does cure addiction and it does create a person who is no longer addicted.

Heroin Rehab Center

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