For people who are new to internet development, choosing a hosting company can seem like a very intricate and intimidating process. Choosing the hosting provider that is right for you usually turns out to be far easier than you think it will be. There are lots of ways to help yourself narrow down the choices that are available to you and find the best company for your project. Take some time to research your prospects and (it will seem like) in the blink of an eye you’ll find a company to give you want you need. Here are a few hints to help you with your research.

What are your FTP requirements? If FTP is a mysterious and new set of letters for you, start slowly with one of the web based and free of charge hosting options that are out there. If you think that you will need to do a bunch of complicated file transferring, your hosting program needs to be able to deal with that. Some hosting programs come with web based FTP apps. Others require you to download your own FTP service.

If you are uncomfortable with doing your own FTP, you should choose a company that will allow you to use their web based services. If you are a web builder who likes to have complete control over his FTP choose a hosting company that will allow you access to your server through your own remote FTP service. Ask a bunch of questions. Make contact with each of the companies you are thinking about buying hosting from. Ask to talk to a customer service agent on staff. If you have no way of speaking to a live person then you should run away! Any company worth trusting will let you have an actual conversation with a live person. When a company does not allow users to reach customer service agents through actual conversations (to prove that the customer service agent is legitimate), they are almost always scams. Even small companies should have at least one person you can talk to. Be wary if you cannot make “real” contact with someone.

Being able to access a site at all hours and every day is something that most site owners want in their hosting packages. This is obviously going to matter more to some website owners than it will to other website owners.

For a personal blogger with a small audience, having some site down time might not be too bad. If your site is huge or very popular, you want it to be available all day every day. Down time is a disaster. You need to take steps to ensure that your site does not experience lag time and that your host gives you the best availability possible.

Choosing to do business with a web hosting company can be a difficult decision. Some research should turn up more options than you know what to do with. Make sure that you do some deep investigation into any company you are considering using for hosting. Being too careful isn’t possible!

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