When you’re a parent, you find that you constantly face new situations that you have to figure out how to respond to. As you attempt to sort out the various situations that come up between parents and children, the following suggestions can come in handy.

One parenting style that many people utilize is called the authoritarian style in which you are in control and the child must listen. Unpopular now, this style is not as highly regarded as it once was and is used not so much. The main disadvantage of this particular manner of parenting is that it will not help your kids learn how to make their own choices because they will constantly be listening to you for what to do next. Teenagers will definitely not appreciate the type of parenting, which will result in many fights for several years. Considered to be very extreme, this form of parenting is not utilized as much. The key to parenting is really finding the right balance, so kids respect certain limits, but understand the reason why. When you’re a parent, you have to keep in mind that your children are always watching you and often modeling their behavior after your own. Since your kids notice everything you do, it’s important that you don’t tell them to act a certain way while you do the opposite. Some parents are inconsistent in this way -telling their kids not to do things that they do all the time. Words alone have limited power, as your kids are more aware of what you actually do than what you say. Naturally, children and adults live in separate worlds to some degree -you might tell your child to go to bed at 9 while you stay up to 11 and that’s just normal- but what this really applies to are more basic things, like being honest, ethical, and so forth. While telling your kids to behave in a certain way can be effective up to a point, setting a good example is much better.

Try to avoid yelling at your kids, as this seldom has the effect that you want. We are all imperfect people, therefore occasionally we will slip up and yell from day to day. There are consequences to taking bad decisions, and yelling at your children is definitely not a good one. You can actually desensitize your kids by yelling at them constantly which makes it pointless. Your children may become very loud, learning to talk in higher decibels, simply because you holler at them all the time. Instead of yelling, speak very softly so that your children will have to quiet down to listen to what you say. While there’s no simple rule to govern all situations you face as a parent, it’s good to have some guiding principles. You can only be the best parent you can at any given moment. Every parent ultimately has to create his or her own particular parenting style, though it can help to study what the experts say.

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