Captain Jack Sparrow is a great costume because it is based on a character who is funny, daring and exciting. Pirates are fun costumes to put on anyway but the antics of Jack Sparrow make him an extra popular character for costume play. Here are a few tips that you can use to make it easier to find a Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

When you want to be Captain Jack Sparrow, you need to understand from where the inspiration for the character was drawn. The fact is, there was no real pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow, but he was inspired partly by pirates of the 18th Century. It might sound strange but Johnny Depp, the actor responsible for bringing the Jack Sparrow character to life, has said that one of his major inspirations for the character is the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Depp also names the Parisian skunk Pepe Le Pew as a major source of inspiration for his role. This means that the character or Captain Jack Sparrow is merely a melding together of lots of different sources of inspiration so there isn’t really any cohesive way of learning more about him beyond watching him in the movies that center around him.

If you’re putting together your own Captain Jack Sparrow costume, it’s important to pay attention to all the details that will make the costume authentic. A puffy styled white shirt is one of the most basic items in any pirate costume and it looks particularly good when you pair it with a vest. You could do well with a colorful sash or bandanna when you are dressing up as a pirate especially if you add it to an ensemble of the right boots, hat and an old fashioned dark colored overcoat. This look isn’t pirate specific; it comes from a specific historical period of around the eighteenth century, so it’s easy to get inspiration by doing research on dress and costumes from this period of time in England and its surrounding areas. This will help you make sure that your Captain Jack Sparrow getup is as historically accurate as it can possibly be for you.

Quality pirate costumes can be expensive, so you may want to consider looking into used costumes that are in good condition. EBay, for example, can be a good source of quality Jack Sparrow (or other pirate) costumes. In some cases, a person may have bought an expensive costume, worn it once and realized they weren’t going to use it again. This means that it is possible to find a costume that is in nearly new condition at a far lower price. Another option that is available is to build your own costume piece by piece by piece. If you don’t already have clothes at home that you can work in to the costume, you can try looking through thrift stores. After you have the basics, all that will be left will be to buy the hat and sword from a costume shop.

There are lots of good Captain Jack Sparrow costumes out there and it might take some searching to find the one that is just right for you. This is a costume that works well both for kids and adults because no matter how old you are, pretending to be a pirate can be really fun. Remember that, as with any costume, you can make it more convincing by adding as many details and accessories as you can think of.

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