There is a real stereotype that surrounds people who take body building seriously. That stereotype tells those unfamiliar with the sport that body builders are all oiled up people with muscles the size of big balloons whose only purpose is to repeatedly lift hundreds of pounds at a time. Unfortunately the stereotype is not entirely off base. That lifestyle is something that some body builders choose for themselves. Professional body builders, for example, earn their living by building up their muscles to outrageous proportions. Obviously there are other reasons to start body building. The most important reason to try your hand at body building is to get healthy. Body building is a wonderful way to exercise. Here is the right approach for body building when you are a beginner.

Find a mentor. As a new body builder you are going to make a few mistakes as you put together your training regimen. Having a trainer or a partner will help you develop good habits early on. When you have a trainer at your side, you will be far more likely to get into a good body building routine. Doing this reduces your risk of hurting yourself, gives you more success with your routine and cuts down on the number of mistakes you will make. As you work at the sport you will get more experience and be able to put together your own exercise routines–when you are first starting out, however, you need to find someone who can teach you what to do. Your body will be very grateful that you did. Don’t forget or neglect any of your muscles when you work out. Don’t just focus on your shoulders, your legs, your arms or your cardiovascular system. All of these muscle groups are important and they need to be worked on during every exercise routine. If you only work on a single set of your muscles at a time, they will grow disproportionately to the rest of your muscles. This will cause a major feeling of unbalance both inside and out. In order to stay healthy your whole body needs to get a workout. This is even true with other kinds of exercising. It is not just body building.

The basic exercises in body building are lunges, squats, leg presses, leg curls, side laterals, dumbbell raises, military presses, leg extensions, dips, flyes, bench presses, barbell curls, ez-bar curls, dead lifts, rows, pull ups, lateral pull downs, incline crunches, hanging leg raises and “regular” cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming or biking. Don’t ever try to do these exercises by yourself, even if you are an expert at them. When you do your lifting, you should always have a spotter especially on those days that you increase your weight limit. Trying to lift without having a spotter handy is dangerous because you will need someone to help you if the lift you do becomes too hard for you to do on your own.

Over the last three decades or so, body building has taken on quite a negative stereotype. The fact is that body building is a totally legit type of workout and is a great way to get into better shape and increase your health. As you work on increasing your level of health, you need to work out regularly and consistently. The fact is that your body and muscles need to be used regularly if they are going to stay healthy (and keep you as fit as you want to be).

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