Silver earrings have been worn by women from around the world since ancient times. They remain a popular and fashionable type of jewelry that are suitable no matter what your age, lifestyle or budget. Here is some information on the different types of silver earrings to help you choose the best pair for you.

The way you are dressed and even the way your face is shaped will determine the best kind of silver earrings for you. Silver jewelry is a good match for any dark clothes, especially black, which is one reason it never goes out of style with people who go out a lot. If you are a woman who frequently wears black, silver earrings will always look good on you. Earrings also have an effect on the way people perceive your face. The larger your earrings, the smaller your face will look, and vice versa. You will, of course, want to have earrings that are right for the occasion. Your age, career and personal preference will have a lot to do with the earrings you wear. Silver earrings have a wide range of possibilities, no matter what kind of look you want to achieve. While you need to consider your budget when considering the kind of silver earrings you want, this doesn’t mean you can’t get something you love. Granted, you will pay more for earrings that have precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, or diamonds in them. The trick is to look for a similar style with a reasonable price as a more expensive pair that you like. For the most part, you will only be compromising on the type of stone that is used in the earrings. Because some semi precious stones resemble the more expensive ones, you still get a great looking pair of earrings. Garnets, for example, look a lot like rubies, though they are much cheaper. Finding a great pair of silver earrings is possible, regardless of the size of your budget.

Silver earrings are made with a variety of hangers, the piece that attaches to your ear. You may find certain kinds of hangers more attractive or comfortable than others. Very often, you’ll find earrings use fish hook hangers, which attach to your ears with hooks of different sizes and shapes. Other types of hangers include French hoops, which are rounded, and screw-ons, hangers that attach to the skin of your ear so they don’t require a piercing. These are mostly found on older earrings, and many women find them uncomfortable to wear. Earrings held in place by tiny levers that push against your ear are called leverbacks. Some people like the looks of certain kinds of hangers but have to wear others for reasons of comfort. If you like to keep up with the latest trends, you should observe what kind of silver earrings celebrities are wearing this year. That is, unless you like old fashioned or antique styles of jewelry. Whatever your preference, you can use the tips covered in this article to help you find silver earrings that suit your needs. Shopping for jewelry is always fun, and the more places you look the more likely it is you’ll find something you really like.

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