If you need ideas for a costume, Optimus Prime is a great choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Transformers; the character himself is always a great choice for an imaginative and attention grabbing costume. Whether the costume is for a grown up or a kid, a person dressed up like Optimus Prime will definitely get some attention.

Making an Optimus Prime costume of your own is a fun but a very challenging task. Unlike a lot of other costumes, this one has lots of props and other three dimensional elements because Optimus Prime is a robot whose entire body is made up primarily of gadgets and tools and weapons. That’s why for this costume you need more than a jumpsuit, you’ll also have to use cardboard or foam board, tin or aluminum cans, tubing or PVC piping or other materials that can be painted and molded into items for Optimus Prime’s arsenal. You should start off with a good illustration, or perhaps an Optimus Prime action figure to use as inspiration, so that you know what elements to include in the costume. You’ll want to allow yourself a good window to build your costume because even though it is very satisfying it is also very complex.

An Optimus Prime costume can be worn by either men or women of all ages. Even though originally the Transformers action figures, comic books and movies were geared toward and loved by children, there are plenty of adults who also enjoy the series. For one thing, the Transformers have now been around long enough that many of the people who grew up playing with the action figures are now adults. It is also a lot of fun to dress up as a family for parties. Therefore, you will find all sorts of grown up sized costumes for Optimus Prime as well as for kids. This is, after all, a character who has been portrayed as big and powerful so plenty of grown ups will have fun getting into the role. A large sized Optimus Prime can be an impressive sight, especially if it’s a 3D costume that has lots of gadgets attached to it.

One aspect of the Optimus Prime costume that makes it really fun is that you can wear it to lots of different events. If you’re really into the franchise you already know about the conventions and other events that are dedicated to the Transformers theme that are held all over the place. You might even take part in the Internet based events and take video of yourself wearing the costume. If you’re interested in the Transformers, you can participate in a worldwide community of people who are also fans of these films and comic books. This means that your Optimus Prime costume is just one way of participating in the whole Transformers phenomenon.

An Optimus Prime costume is perfect for anyone who loves science fiction, robots and gadgets. The Transformers are some of the most popular action figures, comic book and movie characters in recent history and dressing up as the leader of the group can be quite a lot of fun. The above tips for finding the best Optimus Prime costume should be kept in mind when buying or making your own costume.

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