The method itself is very simple and easy to learn. The only thing you will need to make it work is a timer of some type – a stopwatch or a clock will do okay. There are also numerous free “timers” online that you can put on your computer. Heres the method in short: you work – focused – for 25 minutes. At the end of that time, you stop working for five minutes and do something different. Every 25 minute period – or session – is referred to as a “pomodoro.” At the end of each four “pomodoros” you take a break of 15 – 20 minutes. Then, you begin again. The strategy as outlined works well for almost anyone; nevertheless, if you have a short attention span, its even more useful because you only have to concentrate for 25 minutes. Although the breaks are frequent, you will not lose your train of thought with your work, as they are quite short. If you would like to use this technique properly, you will need to have an accurate method of keeping track of time.

If you are going to use the Pomodoro Technique, its important to follow it closely. Francesco Cirillo, the designer of The Pomodoro Technique, uses a stopwatch in order to keep an eye on each of his “pomodoros” of time. The good thing about this approach is that youve dedicated yourself to working continuously for a certain amount of time. Once we sit down to work, without end in sight, it is easy to become distracted every so often. This happens to a lot of people. The great thing about this method is it teaches you to concentrate solely on what your task is for the time period of just 25 minutes. Thus, while the system gives you a lot of breaks, it also forces you into a kind of self discipline.

There are a number of characteristics of The Pomodoro Technique that dont work well for some folks. It causes a lot of people anxiety, or pressure, to be “on a stopwatch” when theyre working. It, in itself, is a distraction. It makes you perpetually aware of time, which can make you more effective, but it can also cause stress. The folks who have the most problem using this strategy are those whose work isnt conveniently categorized into 25 minute slots. If you need to make business calls, for example, you cant very well hang up on a person just because youre slated for a rest! However, if your work is steady, and goes on for any period of time – such as writing – this strategy is incredibly effective.

And so, your analysis of The Pomodoro Method as being something you could put to good use, or something that would just be a distraction, will depend on the type of work you do and your individuality. You may want to look further into this well known technique, or perhaps try it our for yourself. Even if you dont stick to it precisely, you can make good use of the basic idea of taking frequent quick pauses.

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