Body odor and sweating are not major issues for most people. By cooling off, washing and using a deodorant or antiperspirant, they can quickly make these issues disappear. There are people, however, who must constantly cope with excessive sweating and body odor. While everyone sweats after exercise or in hot weather, this is something much more extreme. When you sweat and have body odor like this, your whole life is disrupted. In some cases, people with this problem remain in their homes to avoid the embarrassment of facing the world. Thankfully there are some things that can be done to keep this condition under control.

In extreme cases, the only way to cure a person of excessive sweating and body odor is through surgery. This option should be saved as the final possibility. It should only be done in the most extreme cases. This is a surgical procedure that reduces the amount of sweat produced by your sweat glands, and this may have side effects that you won’t like. Yet, if your sweat glands are producing a very high volume of sweat, you may need surgery to control this. Your doctor will be able to help you figure out if this is the best course of action. Change your clothes regularly if you experience excessive sweating or body odor. This easy suggestion will help you minimize your stinky body odor. You will notice that your body odor is worse when your clothes are soaked in sweat, this is why changing is a good idea. Also, the clothing that has absorbed your sweat will feel wet and, potentially, sticky. Finding yourself stuck in wet stinky clothes can be less than comfortable. Wouldn’t you want to shed those smelly clothes to avoid feeling like that? A nice clean change of clothing handy at all times is a great way to minimize on sweat and odor problems throughout your day.

There are also drugs you can take for this. Drugs have been developed that can stop or reduce sweating. One drug that has been made for this is anticholinergics. This medication can stop your sweat glands from producing sweat. While, this by itself is a positive thing, there can be side effects when you take this drug. A dry mouth is one of the more commonly reported side effects. Of course, a little bit of dry mouth probably feels like far less a burden than excessive sweating and body odor.

Sweating and body odor are issues that many people deal with. They worry about the increased level of body odor that happens when they sweat too much. They worry about the clothing that is ruined by extreme sweat stains. They also worry about the expense of deodorants and antiperspirants. It is easy to get overwhelmed by these concerns and forget that this issue is fixable. Consult a health care professional if traditional methods haven’t worked as they may know a method that could help you.

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