Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. Android Inc was launched in Palo Alto of California, U.S. and was later acquired by Google in 2005.

The Android SDK comprises of an operating system, middleware and key applications and includes development tools, an emulator, sample projects with source code, and required libraries to build Android applications. This simplifies nearly half of the job of Android developers. It provides the tools and APIs essential for Android application development, the applications being written using the Java programming language.

Both, front-end users as well as Android programmers are benefited by this by having more freedom in using and developing the application.
Some of the unique features of an Android supported handset are:
1. Wireless app installation,
2. Custom home launchers,
3. Automation,
4. Alternate keyboard, and
5. Widgets.

The most prominent of all other advantages of Android development is its open-source nature. Android developers are provided with full freedom to do whatever they want with the OS, which is not the case with other smartphone platforms.

Android developers work to extend the functionality of mobile devices as their primary goal. They continuously strive to harness features of Android SDK in developing applications that meet the business requirements of their customers. Sadly, not every Android developer possesses the required skill and has enough knowledge for effective Android application development. This calls to hire Android developers that are skilled and specialized in Android application development and at the same time, offer their services at affordable rates. It is any time feasible to look out for Android developers in offshore locations such as India. One of the amazing benefits that can convince one to hire Android developers and Indian offshore Android developers is the fact that Indian offshore Android developers are very serious and professional about their work. This ensures one that he will get his money’s worth and will be provided with high quality product.

To hire Android developers or offshore Android developers is not an easy job or a straightforward process. To hire Android developers, there are some important things about offshore Android developers to be kept in mind. Getting your software developed by some offshore Android developer who is not reliable or does not have any past experience of Android development may end you up in trouble and suffer heavy losses. Make sure the offshore Android developer you hire is dependable and has experience in the area of developing apps and has already made similar apps before. This is really beneficial in the form that it reduces the development time as the developer already has knowledge about application development. Additionally, the quality of the application developed will also be comparatively better. The offshore Android developer must essentially possess good attitude and great passion for developing apps.

Not only the developer, but the customer himself plays a major role in the application development. It is the responsibility of the client to convey correct and complete details of the application to be developed. Thus, it is always preferable to hire Android developers for offshore Android application development.

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