Anyone flying to the Orient, specifically Japan, may want to use All Nippon Airways which is Japan’s most experienced and frequented airline today. They offer many flights to Tokyo and Osaka, as well as to other Asian countries. As you continue reading, we will present many reasons why you may want to choose this airline and why it may provide exactly what you need for your travels.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has a really great record of awards and customer service satisfaction. It’s earned a four star rating through the SkyTrax organization which is well known for rating the different airlines based upon different customer feedback. This is an excellent rating, indicating that the airline consistently provides a high level of service in all areas. ANA recently won the SkyTrax award for World’s Best Airport Services in 2011. Additionally, it was awarded the Staff Service Excellence Award for Asian airlines, and that shows how great the service is that the ANA employees provides to its passengers. These awards are based upon customer surveys that are run independently so you know that the SkyTrax awards are a fair representation of what you can expect to experience with the airline. Although you may think of All Nippon Airways mainly as a way to travel to Japan, you can also consider this airline for many other destinations as well. Those of you traveling to more than one country may want to use AMA, especially if you are going to travel throughout Asia. These Asian destinations include Vietnam, South Korea, and China to name a few; these are all part of the ANA network. Although ANA goes to most of the major cities in the Orient, it does not go to smaller destinations – you will have to book separately to get to these areas. There are flights leaving from New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, which means you won’t have to go too far to catch an ANA flight wherever you’re starting from.

The ANA Card USA is a special Visa card that allows you to earn travel miles when you make everyday purchases. So as you buy merchandise, gas, or groceries, with this particular visa card, you can accumulate points or miles for flights because you’re in the ANA Mileage Club. Purchases that you make will accumulate over time allowing you to get free flights every year just by making your normal purchases on this Visa. If you would like to earn free flights, simply go to the All Nippon Airways and apply for the ANA card to begin this process.

All Nippon Airways is an award winning airline that provides a great choice for people who want to travel to Asia or especially to Japan. They offer four important service classes so you get a good choice for fares. This airline, though, has a fantastic reputation for helping all of its passengers to feel at home even when they are traveling in Economy class. The things we’ve talked about in this article are just a few things to think about when it comes to making plans for your next trip and whether or not All Nippon Airways is right for you.

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