Many people never seem to have time to do a single thing. Theyre always whining about how frantic their lives are and that they dont have time to do what they really want to do. On the other hand, there are some folks who seem to do so much and make everyone else wonder whether theyve discovered the secret to lengthening their days in some miraculous way. These individuals have simply perfected the art of good time management and its something we can all do. Youll discover a number of efficient time management suggestions in this article to help you start increasing your productivity.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

The first thing you have to do is to be honest with yourself if youd like to manage your time more effectively. For a week, create a journal in which you jot down your daily activities and the time you spend on each one. You may find out that you spend considerable time on useless activities. You might find you spend a couple of hours daily on pointless browsing on the internet when you really thought it was more like half an hour. So, if you could cut those two hours a day down to 30 minutes, thats a little over ten hours a week you can use for something more productive.

Record It

Many individuals dislike the idea of coming up with a task list but they are helpful. They are helpful because they allow you to concentrate on your current task by clearing your mind. Your mind will not be muddled with appointments and things you need to remember, so you no longer need to worry about missing very important things.

Secondly, a to-do list allows you to prioritize, which is important for effective time management. Things like vacuuming, working on a new product, mopping the floor and responding to customer emails could all be on your to-do list if you work from your home. Plainly, your number one priority must be to work on your new product and vacuuming or laundry can most certainly wait until the following day if you run out of time. Another reason a to-do list may help you become more efficient is because of the pleasure and sense of achievement you get from crossing off tasks as you complete them.

Plan to Chill out

Everyone keeps on saying that people really need to work harder and find more time to do it so they offer you suggestions on how you can do that. The problem is that you will end up burning out and struggling to do what you need to get completed if you do not schedule time to rest and simply enjoy life. You absolutely should schedule time for yourself to relax. The fact that you have relaxation time to look forward to and the knowledge that youve specifically reserved time to do it will make you feel a lot more motivated to get your work done. Leisure time may be more critical than work time. Naturally, that doesnt mean 90 % of your time should be focused on play but you still need to relax regularly, which will considerably increase your efficiency.

We all have the same exact number of hours per day. The key to becoming more efficient is rarely to work harder but to work smarter. These efficient time management tips should help you become more organized and free up time to do the things you enjoy.

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