Shellac nail polish has become quite popular today. Most women are using it for their nails and they can admit that their nails are not the same anymore. Application of this polish creates a plasticized coating which does not wear easily. It can protect the nails for two weeks without wearing off. At the same time, shellac nail polish makes your nails look sleek compared to other types of polishes that are applied to nails. Another reason why women prefer shellac nail polish is the fact that it dries quickly compared to other nail polishes. In fact, this polish dries as soon as it is applied making it very effective for manicure. You do not have to wait for 20 or 30 minutes for the polish to dry so that you can proceed with your normal chores. Shellac nail polish is also very easy to remove when you want to apply the polish once again. All you need is acetone which removes the polish without leaving any stains. Application and use of the shellac nail polish should be done by a well experienced and skilled manicurist. Good results may not be obtained if application of this polish is not done by such a person.
What is shellac nail polish?
Most women who have used shellac nail polish wonder where this wonder product comes from. It is a hybrid polish made from gel and nail paint making it one of the most unique nail polishes today. This nail polish is obtained from shellac which a type of resin produced by the female bug. The resins are secreted in trees which are mainly found in Thailand and India. These resins form flake like structures which are taken from the trees and sold that way. They are usually sold to people who specialize in making the different kinds of polishes. They take the flakes and dissolve them in alcohol to form wood finish, nail polish and other such products.
Who should use shellac nail polish and who should not
Shellac nail polish can be used by any woman who would like to maintain their nails perfectly. It does not matter how old you are or what you do. However, those people who usually have split nails and who would like to lengthen their nails should not use the shellac nail polish. Shellac may make the split nails worse because the polish may remove the split parts of the nails. Therefore, you should be very cautious when planning to use shellac nail polish. It is advisable to approach licensed manicurist for advice on whether you should use this polish on your nails. The manicurist will examine your nails carefully before they can advice you accordingly. They may also ask you whether you would like to make your nails long. This information is very important because as stated earlier, it is not advisable to use shellac nail polish if you like to keep very long nails. It is very important to always follow the advice given by the manicurist otherwise you will regret.
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