Every person in this world likes make sure that any venture of theirs is successful and most often, they try to look for ways to secure their own investments. A simple example can be to seek the best job available to a person based on the qualifications. They make sure that the company they are applying to is of good repute which has a well structured ad firm top management. If this can be a liability then it may not the wisest choice to adopt. In the world of improving one’s web presence, the principle is the identical. SEO companies are homeowners who work to improve some sort of website’s ranking and based on their hard work, slowly these websites edge forward until they’re just visible among the top ten results on Google’s position in search results. In fact, clients are relieved if a firm can provide warranty for their optimization services.

SEO – Search engine optimisation

Doctoring something to suit the outcome is an unnatural process and it is alternative is to treat it naturally so the end results are something desired and hoped for. SEO or Search engine optimisation is one of the natural ways to increase a website’s presence online. SEO companies make usage of the knowledge that seek algorithms place values on image, content, presence of advertisements on websites, forums, blogs, back backlinks, news feeds and even on networks. Not only is a person who developed or designed with regard to visibility but its basic coding undergoes optimisation as well. Content development is based on different key word densities which might be written into a website’s content contained in the optimisation process.

A just a handful of SEO techniques

Google found that several companies were manipulating position in search results through their activities, chiefly by stuffing their web pages with certain key words that were visible on ranking look ups but were totally ineffective and made no sensation. Since then SEO has moved to provide image search, back relating, cross referencing, URL normalisation techniques and writing content that’s proper keywords by which often most searches are held.

Unethical practises

A few methods for unethical SEO or optimisation are described below. The first method is to use words that do not make sense. This means that a multitude of unrelated words are stuffed into an article and posted as content on the webpage. The second way may be to write key words in the same colour as the backdrop of a web web site and hide it with a cloak of feeling. Since search algorithms are programs only, these hidden words are viewed and ranking is inclined to these web pages. Two famous cases have been reported in the recent past and things have changed since then.

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