Article promotion has always been one of the best techniques for getting traffic and back-links for your Internet site. The largest problem with this sort of marketing is the time it can take to create the articles and also to submit them to article directories as well as other websites. Of course now there are submission services that you could find online that will handle these submissions for you. In this article we are going to be going for a much deeper look at the “Submit Your Article” system.

For individuals who are not aware, there are article submission services on the Internet but when choosing one, you want to make sure that they have got certain features. Having the capacity to use different pen names, drip feeding of the articles themselves and having the capacity to submit unique articles to all the various websites are features that you should be looking for in an article submission program. Well you will be happy to know that the “Submit Your Article” program offers all those bases covered and below we will be going through these features.

With regards to pen names it is very important that you are able to create multiple pen names. More than likely you are in more than one niche as an Internet marketer, the majority of marketers don’t limit themselves to only one niche. And you want to be able to advertise yourself as a professional in each niche. Individuals will notice if your name is on articles in all different niche markets and they also will realize that you can’t be a professional in all those fields and will not believe what you have to say or any products that you recommend. You will however have the capacity to market yourself as an expert in any field when you can use an unique pen name for each specialized niche. The particular “Submit Your Article” program permits you to create as many pen names as you’ll need.

You will probably be very happy with the fact that you will be able to create and submit your distinct articles to all the sites they have listed in their program. Being able to perform this helps to keep you away from Google’s radar. An excellent thing about this strategy is that the links you will end up building will have far more power with Google. When you wind up taking an article and merely publishing it in article directories, Google sees that all your links are coming from duplicate content and the strength of those links will be decreased. This should explain why unique content is so much better to work with than just a plain article.

An additional feature that comes with this program is the fact that you are able to spread out your article submissions so that they are not all hitting the web at once. If you end up obtaining all these links at one time there is a very good chance that Google will catch on and end up sand boxing your site.

By employing this service you will find that it is one of the better techniques for getting your articles published and also for building links for your sites. If you really want to get a better search engine position you must recognize that you need links from all different websites and this program will assist you to achieve that.

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