The name given to the latest IM-related products such as CBCash Grenade, which is reviewed here, are chosen to make certain they are noticed. Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, the product authors, both have a long background in the internet marketing arena. If you are inexperienced or have been online for many years now, this course is fashioned to help you be a successful affiliate marketer. There are a lot of affiliate marketing products sold, so this article will talk about how CBCash Grenade measures up.

The core training is comprised of 15 modules, which are in video format but you also get written transcripts of the videos. An introduction to affiliate marketing, which include finding markets and products, in the first five videos is perhaps more geared to the inexperienced. Nevertheless, there is always something you can learn from watching these and you might like to do the exercise in the third module. If you want to know what financially free means for you, then this will present how to compute that. Researching your market will be discussed in greater detail by the time you make it to the sixth module.

Traffic tactics is how the course progresses from there with the purpose of helping you profit more quickly as an affiliate marketer. There are videos on how to generate traffic from list building as well as article and video marketing. Now, you may assume that these areas are nothing new but the tactics taught here are broader. There are examples where investing a little money is needed but this helps to quicken your progress. Occasionally, it makes sense not to follow the crowd and try to do more cutting edge methods.

Paying for traffic is the topic of the next section of this course. Since this is an area you would probably not get involved in when just beginning, it makes sense that these are the final few videos. Facebook and in several ways the lesser known Gmail ads are explored in this part of the training. Media and contextual advertising is the focus of the final video on paid traffic. This is a subject where you really have to know what you are doing and it is discussed in some depth.

There is one separate module that stands alone in this training and is directed at providing you a way for generating quick money. It provides you the chance of rapidly contending for keywords for high search engine rankings. Even though the rankings may not last long, it is aimed at providing you a quick way to generate cash. You will have to do some work in for two days but you dont have anything to lose because it is a free strategy to try.

CBCash Grenade can either help you get started in affiliate marketing or take you to the next level as long as begin applying what you learn.

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