There’s one thing in the airline industry that seems to always be there, which is the power partnerships hold. This was one thing that Mesa picked up on at an early stage in their history, as within two years of starting the business they had already made a deal on their very first code share alliance. A ‘trademark’ move by Mesa was to enter more partnership deals, which would allow expansion of its business. Despite the fact they are just a carrier in the US, they have been in this field for over thirty years. Every single quarter has been profitable for Mesa since the end of 2001. Below are some very interesting facts about the Mesa Air Group.

This company only does flights in US territory and it is based in Arizona. You’ll find out some facts about the Mesa Air Group, which is in fact a part of Mesa Airlines. The Mesa Air Group is comprised of quite a few separate airlines and all of them run under their own entities as well as having their own unique name. Mesa Airlines, go! and United Express are all names of airlines that work under the Mesa Air Group. Mokulele which operates in the Hawaiian Islands. Mesa is very successful and it has a very strong history behind it that is rather diverse.

Mesa Airlines has a number of “sister” airlines since they are all related through the Mesa Air Group.

One such relative of Mesa is go! Mokulele which is a regional carrier providing service in the Hawaiian Islands. This affiliate owns a group of Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft, which are centered in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mesa originally developed “go” in 2006, where upon a code share alliance took shape with Mokulele Airlines. This enables optimistic results for flights into Hawaii, into places that are unable to accommodate jet planes.

In January of 2011, Mesa entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring which actually turned into the shortest process for any airline since it lasted only three short months. The company was able to eliminate one hundred excess aircraft along with the leases for those aircraft. The action Mesa took was very strategic because it allowed them to be free of the debt the aircraft had attached to them. The balance of their Dash 8 aircraft and their Bombardier CRJ200’s was also refinanced. In doing this their aim was to lower their debt, and to reduce all possible costs for their fleet inventory. In a few aspects, this is a very typical story of what happens to an airline with modest origins. As you can imagine, it takes time to develop and expand an airline business. The airline industry is very reactive to business cycles, and the profit margins aren’t always too great. But the pioneers who do this accept these conditions before they start. Sustaining growth of a business and the profits are very important when faced with rough economic times, however Mesa’s history shows how it should be done.

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