Alcohol is both a fad and an addictive habit. A person once addicted to alcohol cannot be brought back to his normal self inspire of continuous efforts on the part of the individual’s family and friends. It is supposed by these people that alcohol has a soothing and a very relieving effect on the lives or to say pains and the sorrows of these people and therefore they are in the regular intake of alcohol. But it is such a habit that if it starts ones cannot be shaken off and as time passes by the consumption levels of the person continuously goes on increasing and there is no looking back after that for that particular person. The result of such continual consumption of alcohol is that it starts taking a toll on the health of the individual and slowly starts hampering the efficiency, the ability to work and concentrate, change in behavior and even the display of violent temper. The worst victims of this abuse are innocent children and women who silently endure to all the abuse as they do not have any option left with them. At this stage of life where an individual is helpless at the hands of alcohol, alcohol intervention is a very necessary step that needs to be taken by the family and the friends of the individual. Alcohol Intervention is a process that involves reaching out to the alcohol addict and convincing him or her about the ill effects of the alcohol that he consumes.

Another very dangerous abuse for the young generation of today is drugs that are as common as alcohol abuse and then it becomes very important for the family and friends to carry out a drug intervention in order to convince the drug user to attend some kind of drug treatment facility for the individual. A proper drug intervention is very important for the one id addicted to drugs because it is only an intervention that can save a drug abuser. When an intervention is carried out the interventionist has a very clear idea about the thought and the feelings of the drug abuse and he is the only person who knows how to approach the drug abuser in the best way possible. Drug intervention helps an individual overcome the drug consuming habit of an individual and in the long run the addicted person is cured of all his abuses and starts leading a normal life.

At the same time Family Intervention is also very important for the addicted person as it is always the family’s duty to help their member in overcoming the most treacherous problem in his life. The first and the foremost help that an individual can get is from his family and therefore the family intervention of the addicted person is very important. It is in times of difficulties that the family comes in support of any one of its members and it is then that an individual can start living a normal life.

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