Almost all of us has noticed of invisible canine fences, but significantly fewer people certainly know what they are and how they do the job. Adhering to are the very best ten misconceptions I have observed from my individuals:

MYTH: Invisible dog fences are in reality high priced. A professional-installed fence will possible expenses you everywhere from $one thousand to $3000, depending on the dimension of your lawn and how a lot of pets you want to include. A Diy fence that you install all by yourself have to expenses you significantly less than $500, like all supplies. Possibly way, it’s considerably less highly-priced than a standard chain hyperlink, timber, or wrought iron fence.

MYTH: Invisible canine fences do not do the job. They are really a quite dependable way to sustain your puppy in your property, but only if:
You routinely stick to the recommended education process. Every brand comes with a coaching system that is developed to instruct your pet how to react when he encounters his invisible boundary.
You purchase a fence that incorporates a multi-amount receiver (the product your pet wears on a collar round his neck). Without having a number of preparation amounts, you won’t be able to customize the instruction to your pet’s measurement and temperament. That will mean a massive or stubborn pup might possibly not regard the fence and a small or vulnerable just one could possibly end up frightened.
You place the receiver on your pet every last time he goes outdoors. Most canine fences make a significant-pitched sound when your pup initial encounters the invisible boundary, and then emit a static punition if he proceeds to shift towards the fence rather than back again into your yard. Free of the receiver, your pet will finally notice he is not receiving both a particular of these cues to continue to be in his lawn.

MYTH: All invisible pet fences are just alike. Each model of fence features completely different functions — this is even authentic of different styles within the similar manufacturer. So, make confident you decide the design which is ideal for your pet’s size and temperament.

MYTH: You you should not demand to train your pooch to understand an invisible canine fence. In fact, if you really don’t coach your pet to understand how to respond when he encounters the invisible boundary, an individual of two points will happen: he will run perfect due to the fence or he will grow to be puzzled and frightened of your property.

MYTH: An invisible pet fence will damage my pet. If you pay for a significant-superior fence and you patiently instruct your pet how it works, it will not harm your him. What will harm is developing strike by an automotive or attacked by a further animal as your pet roams external your property.

MYTH: You do not have to place the receiver collar on your pet once he learns to refrain from the invisible boundary. The only way an invisible pet fence will reliably give protection to your pet is if you put the collar on him any simple time he goes exterior.

MYTH: An invisible puppy fence is just like an electric fence. An electric fence will indiscriminately zap everyone who encounters it (and that zap is the same no matter whether you’re an one thousand pound cow or a twenty five pound toddler), while an invisible pet dog fence will precise only all those pets who wear a receiver. Also, different from an electrical fence, if your fence includes a multi-degree receiver, you can personalize and manage the stage of punition your pet gets — that way you in no way use a greater punition amount than is crucial.

MYTH: Some breeds just won’t respect an invisible dog fence. Breed is irrelevant. I’ve viewed fences deliver the results effectively for big and stubborn breeds like Pit Bulls, Boxers, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds, as well as small, sensitive breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Pugs.

MYTH: My dog is much too previous to know how to react to an invisible pet dog fence. Until your pet is so aged that his health is failing, he is never very outdated to be taught new methods!

MYTH: Invisible canine fences only function for pet dogs. Personally, I’ve educated cats and even goats — which is proper, stubborn ol’ GOATS — to reliably react to an invisible boundary.

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