As mentioned in my previous articles, it’s my job to provide you with the best information available in the market about different mobile development technologies and their methodology. With this article I will try to clear out some basic questions you might have regarding to the iPhone Apps Development and iPad Apps Development and what difference they both have with respect to development of apps. I hope it will be useful to you for deciding the budget for your apps development for iPhone and iPad and also improve the understanding of the field.

To start with first of all as you know iPhone and iPad both are different devices with respect to size, handling, and some basic features like screen resolution and camera features. These are the main features which you will be able to notice once you have devices in your hand or by using them. There are few more differences like internal memory, processing power and also graphics processing power which we cannot see from outside but effects the apps or games. These are the features which makes a big difference when it comes to iPhone Apps Development and iPad Apps Development.

iPhone Apps Development and iPad Apps Development uses the same development language as they share the same OS that is iOS. Both use iOS SDK for the development of applications. Though it looks same from the UI, there are few changes in the functionality wise and also some methods and components of the iPad Apps Development is different from iPhone Apps Development. As for example there is one component called Split view controller, that has been specifically made for iPad and which makes possible for accommodating two views, displaying different data at the same time on iPad Screen. When you have an idea about application development first you need to decide for which device you are going to target your application.

Not all application is possible for iPad and same for iPhone. Like some apps or games needs enough space or you can say more screen area to make it more effective to use and provide better results and thus should be made for iPad only as those types of apps or games might not gather good reviews from iPhone users. Where for some applications you want to target users who uses iPhone and are contently using them as personal entertainer and communication medium, as iPhone is more easier to carry and had all the features a business men or any college going kid need. I’ll leave it up to you, on which device you want your apps to be made for, but do make sure you are targeting right device and also right segment of people.

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