Search engine optimization always has been the key to attaining top search engine rankings for your website. This includes both on page and off page optimization strategies, and while many of these methods remain the same with Google updates, some things change over time. Search engine submission and also building a key word targeted site used to be all you had to do in order to get top search engine rankings. Google then came to the determination that the volume of back-links that people had pointing to their website should play a large role in the site positioning. And now with the new Google updates folks are wondering if search engine submission and back link building are still important to get their web sites ranked.

First we will start to look at search engine submission and see if this is a thing that you still need or want to do. If you have been in Internet Marketing and advertising for any length of time you know that search engine submission used to be very important. However these days as long as you have back-links search engines like Google will normally find your website on their own. Although submitting to search engines is no longer as important as it used to be its still a good practice to do each month to keep search engines like Google coming back to your website. You must understand that when the various search engines go to your website theyre going to have the ability to update content and make note of any changes, and the more you can get search engines like Google to your website the better off you will be. So while search engine submission is still advantageous its not something which is absolutely necessary to ensure your internet site is indexed.

Obviously with regards to back-links youre going to see that this is a whole other story. For many years Google has used back-links as one of the primary keys for ranking an internet site. And even with all of their updates it seems that this has never altered, and is not likely to change in the future. So even with all of Googles current updates you are going to see that its still important to build back-links for your site. The more keyword targeted back-links you can build to your site the higher the search engines will generally rank your internet site within their results for those keywords. You ought to also keep in mind that you need to optimize your web page for the keywords that you are targeting.

Something you should understand is that Google is not going to tell anybody exactly the formula for top search engine ranking, but a number of the elements of their algorithm are already well known. The one thing you ought to have learned in this post is you no longer have to submit your website to search engines but you most certainly need to keep building back-links Google may very well have thousands of distinct elements built into their algorithm to determine the ranking of the site but we do know that back link building is one of them. Google will then take the back-links you have to your website and combine that with the other details that they gather as a way to establish your ultimate ranking within their results.

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