We often get such a proposal, when an external power adapter, the battery should be removed to, that the use

of power, the battery will be placed on top to charge, not only to increase the number of charge cycles, but will also cause

the phenomenon of overcharging, and then damage the battery life.

The fact is, the pool is removed to, conflicts focused on whether to use an external power supply when the battery charge up

the issue. To know the number of battery charge and discharge is directly related to life in general

lithium battery charge and discharge times set is fixed, charged 400-600 times the number

of Zhiyou, specially improved products are 800 many times, however, on one charge Dianchi a step forward to retirement. The

first point is simply afraid to use power, the battery will be placed on top to charge, not only to increase the number of

charge cycles, and will overcharge.

But now a brand models, fully charged battery in your computer when using the external power supply will not be charged. In

fact, many notebook manufacturers are taking into account the vulnerability of the battery, and the product is added to the

battery protection technology, so different brands of notebook battery charge corresponding to different protection

technology, such as some large companies have done in this very Yes, such as: IBM, HP, Toshiba, Compaq, etc.

Which is considered the most thoughtful IBM, IBM laptop battery discharge condition can be

detected, ThinkPad notebook battery power only when less than 95% will be charged automatically. This can play a very good

protective effect on the battery, and now many others have followed suit. Therefore, the battery like this, when you do not

need to use pull down, because only when the capacity less than 95% of the time it will charge.

But even so, if you are a long time to use computers, or remove the battery to be better, because the long-running laptop

heat generated when the battery will cause some damage. However, some other “small brand laptop batteries, may not enjoy such

treatment, because it was not taken inside Dianchi protection technology. Like the author to use a particular brand of

notebook computers, if fully charged battery Fangzai on top, in the When using an external power supply

positive first charge your energy, because the battery storage, will have wear and tear, can not reach 100%, but as long as

it is not 100%, power supply connected to the charge. Each time access is equivalent to an external power supply to charge

the battery once although only a small charge will be the time. it is proposed that when people use the machines according to

their own circumstances, look at the laptop specifications, choose whether to use an external power supply when the battery


Big brand model batteries added protection on the battery technology in general do not worry about external

power supply will cause the battery to overcharge, small brands may not have such treatment, so we proposed the use of the

course according to the circumstances of their own machines.

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