Not sure about you, but I can definitely tell the difference in the taste when I eat food that has been made with ingredients which have been sourced locally. Fresh local ingredients taste of happiness and ripeness. I don’t believe I am quite a locavore yet but I am certainly becoming one!

What Is A Locavore?

In 2007 “locavore” was the New Oxford American Dictionary Word of the Year. The word describes a person who has a diet which is predominantly or wholly made up of ingredients which have been grown locally. Locally in this instance is considered to be around 100 miles or so. The locavore movement encourages people to buy local fresh products, either from local farmers or even to grow their own.

Why Local Produce Tastes So Good

So let’s look at why local produce generally tastes so good. These locally sourced ingredients have not had to travel far from home, so that means that they haven’t had to go through the procedures that fresh produce which comes from further afield has to, in order to stay and appear fresh. This does include organic produce, when they have had a long journey to make.

Now I love organic produce, don’t get me wrong, but what if it is not possible to get locally produced organic produce? Let’s put it this way, how do you feel after a long haul journey? Ok, I’m not saying that vegetables get jet lagged (maybe they do), but there has certainly been plenty of talk between food writers, chefs and foodies about larger organic organisations’ use of long-distance shipping methods and industrial sized farms.

So on your next trip to the supermarket or local greengrocers; take a look at the choice. Are there some organic apples which have had to make a long haul journey to arrive and are there some locally grown apples? Which would you choose?

With locally produced vegetables and fruit sourced locally you can taste the ripeness and this is a happy taste. For example if you eat tomatoes in a Mediterranean country and then once you are back home from your holidays you buy some from the supermarket. I know you’ll notice the difference.

Looking at it from a different angle, eating locally produced food ingredients is supportive of the nature and environment around you, as well as helping the small to medium businesses normally involved in this type of food production.

A Columbia University nutritionist, Joan Dye Gussow, states that her commitment to eating local produce can be attributed to three main issues:

1. The taste of live food
2. Frugality
3. Concern for our planet

Now whether you feel affected by point 2 or 3, certainly most people that I have ever met do prefer tastier food. However it is important that if you do feel that local could be the new organic, that you take into account other factors such as methods of production, storage, transportation, ripeness and post harvest handling.

I am not suggesting that you need to do an interview with the local producer before considering eating his produce, but do pay attention to your taste buds!

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