In any place of business, being professional and punctual go together. All workers need to practice punctuality. Its even more important for managers to be punctual, however, as it helps ensure a professional atmosphere in the workplace.

Not all managers are alike. Actually, several managers espouse different working styles from subordinates. Regardless of the style, however, what all managers want is for their subordinates to act professional and be responsible. Having said that, is it reasonable for you to want your subordinates to be professional and prompt if youre constantly late coming to work and attending meetings, and not up to date? As the manager, youve got to be professional if you would like your subordinates to be professional too. The first thing you should do then is be timely.

Being punctual has a direct impact on the quality of the deliverables of your staff. As the manager, its your duty to supervise the work of your staff members and make certain that its of high quality. If you are habitually late getting to the office with your team already there for a number of hours, you cant expect them to stay long; theyd naturally leave the office sooner than you. When you are consistently late, you will not be able to check your team and this can drastically affect their output. Your subordinates rely on you for reviews to enable them to continue with their work. If a manager is constantly arriving late to the office, his team loses numerous productive work hours.

A timely manager realizes how vital milestones and deadlines are. When you are punctual, youll do everything you could to complete projects by their deadlines. Your team will look at you as an individual who is responsible and dependable.

An environment of shared trust is also created by punctuality. Its not at all unusual for managers to experience unavoidable situations which cause a delay in completing projects. Nonetheless, if youve established a reputation for finishing projects in a timely manner, the higher ups are not likely to question you if you are late in delivering a project. Theyd assume that you have a legitimate problem that is causing the delay.

Punctuality is also helpful in keeping the team together and bonded. If the manager is timely, the team also gets into the habit of coming promptly. When youre all arriving and leaving at the same time, it means you have even more opportunities to bond and communicate with each other.

There are lots of advantages to practicing punctuality in the office, especially if you are a manager. As a manager, youd like your subordinates to be responsible and trustworthy. In order for this to happen, however, you need to set the example. You could start by practicing punctuality in the workplace!

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