System IT development process is known as software development. There are many steps that are part
of software development, which is also known as a software development life cycle. In short, you can call the system development life cycle, which undertook to build a software product. In fact, all stages are
important to establish a reliable system software product in any industry. Technical roles are different
from each other to create a software product. The first stage is the preparation before the creation of a feasibility study. Its aim – to find out, or if a system really support the user\’s requirements. Then
comes system analysis and design, where a full system test is to be created and analyst designs the
product architecture is based on which product will be developed.

Developers and programmers responsible for the coding of the software product testers and test the
product when the software coding part. If there are defects or errors in the system, the transfer of
software development teams to solve this problem. After coding and testing, the implementation process
has started to implement the developed system software product in the industry, which it created. Another milestone – care, services offered by the company to a software product maintenance. Maintenance services are offered by the software vendor in the long term development of INDIA until the product works and if
the seller. It really is a contract between the vendor and a software company, which services are
provided in kind for years.

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The rapid development of information technology has also created a need for new technologies and software products are designed in any industry. Many new technologies that have the software market and is
considered highly reliable. Therefore, it is also software developers, who know the latest and newest
technologies demand. The new technology really boomed the software industry as a highly reliable products designed for developers of new technologies.

Indian software industry has really helped a lot of industries and companies around the world to thrive
in all respects. Software professionals are highly qualified and have good experience in managing complex projects. They deliver productive results on time, so they could get more and more projects on your
company from the seller. Another reason is that software developers to find work here at a very
reasonable price, and thus creates a cost-effective business outsourcing vendors. Outsourcing find the
cost of the project is very expensive in their country and their task is to transfer. This process helps
to booms the Indian software development industry, brings revenue and employment in India.

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