Construction sites are statistically the most dangerous workplace, so taking health and safety precautions is crucial. Although the construction industry employs just 5% of the total number or workers in Britain it is where 27% of workplace-related fatal injuries occur, and 9% of major injuries.

Optimum health and safety is achieved by having a clean site, free from eroded, muddy roadways which can be a hazard to vehicles, people in the vehicles, and workers on foot. Vehicles, plant and machinery require a sturdy surface, so the lack of a specially designed roadway surface can mean that they pose the serious hazard of slipping.

But with all of the dangerous equipment on a construction site it can be easy to forget about the biggest hazard to people in the workplace: slips, trips and falls. We might tend to associate these kind of accidents with supermarket spillages but in reality they can happen anywhere. Slips, trips and falls cause nearly a quarter of construction site injuries, costing companies hundreds of thousands of pounds in sick days and compensation every single year.

Taking time to think about temporary roadways will not only improve safety but help to keep the site clean: essential for a happy client. Clients are often quick to point out ground damage once a project is completed. But there are a number of easy and cheap ways for site managers to keep a construction site clean, free from erosion and with optimum safety and cleanliness levels, the main one of which is by using temporary roadways.

Heavy duty temporary ground protection is specially designed for construction sites. TuffTrak? is a system of heavy duty roadmats, connected with a simple ‘drop in’ bolt system. The High Density Polyethylene mats can be used to cover a large open space, create roadways or simply line a narrow pathway either side of a foundation for laying pipework; as many or few mats can be used as your project requires.

TuffTrak? can be used by multiple vehicles simultaneously, confidently supporting loads up to 150 tonnes and is virtually indestructable. It will create a sturdy flooring which is easier to drive on, and prevent the hazardous slipping of vehicles on wet or muddy ground. Its specially designed anti slip surface has been tested in laboratories for effectiveness. It is created with grips in a chevron pattern, for maximum grip and effective mud dispersion. TuffTrak? therefore not only provides a strong grip for vehicles, but for pedestrians too; reducing the number of workplace slips, trips and falls and injuries caused by slipping machinery or vehicles. TuffTrak?’s raised surface level is unique in that it even creates stability on uneven ground; another major cause of slips, trips and falls.

The maximum strength temporary roadways reduce the damage to groundways and grass, avoiding erosion, rutting and boggy ground. As well as creating a safer environment, TuffTrak? ensures that construction sites have aesthetically pleasing ground after work is carried out. The mat is chemically inert, making it ideal for eco-sensitive or heritage sites. It is also non-conductive and maintains safety levels when electrical work is carried out.

So if you want to maintain a safe workplace and an undamaged environment on your construction site try out TuffTrak? today.

Zigma Ground Solutions specialise in hiring and selling temporary ground protection, including TuffTrak? roadmats.

Temporary ground protection

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