If perhaps you were trying to get more visitors from the search engines or even just increase your rankings in their results, you should start by checking out your website. The way in which you have the keywords positioned throughout your website is going to be one of the biggest solutions to boost your ranking and in turn get you more of the search engine visitors. In this post were going to be covering a few ways to place your keywords on your website to acquire more love from the search engines.

The actual website address also known as the URL should include your keyword or your keyword phrase. Not surprisingly this exact same thing goes for all you bloggers out there, every post should the keyword inside the URL. If you happen to utilize the wordpress platform you can actually change the perma-link while your creating your post, just make certain that the perma-link is your keyword phrase.

Something different people dont usually think about are the H1, H2 and the H3 tags within the web pages. It is very important that all the tags previously mentioned have your keyword phrases some place in those tags. Getting your keywords in these tags will allow the search engine crawler pickup what your Internet site is about.

Quite a few of you have likely heard about the first sentence rule. This means that no matter if your creating a post or a website your keywords have to be inside the first sentence of your website or post. Even so theres also the last sentence rule that a lot of you have probably not heard of. Generally the same as above you must have the keyword in the last sentence of the content.

There is another factor you need to cope with known as the keyword density and this is also very important. To ascertain the keyword density, it is quite simply the percentage of times it appears on your page when compared with how many other words you have on that web page. Between 3% and 5% is exactly where you will want your keyword density to be. Keyword stuffing happens when you merely add the keyword to nearly every sentence and the search engines may penalize you for that.

Another thing you will want to look after is how you format each of the keywords on the page. Using bold, italic and underlining will also be very important when it comes to your keywords and you should make sure you do this with nearly all of your keywords. Pretty much what you need to do is to make sure you are utilizing these text formats for almost every single instance of your keyword on your site. Additionally, you will want to ensure that you mix them up. Although some people just bold each and every instance of their keyword this is simply not the most effective way to do it.

Receiving a higher ranking is what it is actually about and by following the recommendations above you may very well receive the ranking you need. Just a little tip, while it is important to build links to your home page you should also be creating these links for each and every page on that site.

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