Properly optimizing your web page can help out a lot when you want to begin obtaining the attention of the search engines, it’s not all about linking. Inserting your keywords properly throughout your website should be able to help you get a greater ranking in the search engines. In this article we are going to be covering a few ways to place your keywords on your website to get more love from the search engines.

The exact website address also referred to as the URL should contain your keyword or your keyword phrase. This actually also goes for blogs since many bloggers target an unique keyword for every post they make. WordPress makes this quite simple to do when your writing your post you’ll see the page link at the top of the post and also a link that says “Edit”.

You also need to be mindful of all the tags on your website including the header tags such as the H1, H2 and also the H3 tags. It is vital that all the tags previously mentioned have your keyword phrases some place in those tags. What this is going to do would be to help the search engine spiders see that the first thing on your website or page is your keywords.

More than likely most of you know that you need to follow the first sentence rule. This basically means that any page you generate should have the keyword or keyword phrase within the first sentence of the content. The last sentence rule is one thing I bet the majority of you don’t know about. It’s the same as the first sentence rule however it relates to the last sentence of content material on your page.

Another thing you should be conscience of will be your keyword density. To figure out the keyword density, it is simply the percentage of times it shows up on your page in comparison to how many other words you have on that web page. A keyword density of 3 to 5 percent is where you will want to be. You won’t want to fill your site with the keywords since you could be accused of keyword stuffing.

There is yet another thing I would like to share with you which is the format of the keywords in the content material. When ever possible, and in every case you’ll want to use the bold, underline and the italic settings on your keywords. Quite simply what you must do is to make sure you are using these text formats for almost each and every instance of your keyword on your site. The key here is to employ a different format each time you work with the keyword. Working with just one of these formats may help a little however, you really must make use of all of them.

When you stick to these simple keyword rules when your creating websites or posts you will find yourself with a higher ranking. This is just a small tip, while it is vital to build links to your home page it’s also advisable to be building these links for each page on that site.

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