Linen fabric is a perfect choice for bedroom curtains. It is a light yet strong material; actually 2 or 3 times stronger than cotton. This makes it a great all-around choice for curtains for any room in your home. It is machine washable and it is smooth to the touch and lint free. Linen fabric actually becomes softer the more you wash it. It has a beautiful sheen and comes in a variety of pale natural shades from ivory to grey. If you want your linen curtains to be white, all you need do is bleach them. The more you bleach them, the whiter they will become.

Linen fabric is extremely versatile for bedroom curtains. It can be ironed when damp for a tailored formal feel or tumble dried for a softer slightly wrinkled look that is more casual. It also stands up well to steaming and dry cleaning. Linen curtains will resist dirt, stains and mildew. Linen fabrics resist stretching and sagging because their fibers have very little elasticity. This makes linen especially well-suited to curtains.

When shopping for linen fabrics, do not choose fabric that has small pills or knots on it, as this is a defect only found in lower quality linen fabrics. New linen fabric should be fairly stiff and it can have a wide range of textures from rough to smooth. The smoother it is, the tighter the weave and the thicker the linen will seem to be. The rougher the linen fabric, the more open and loose the weave will be. It is important to recognize these characteristics, as they will also determine the opacity of the linen curtains that the fabric will become.

Linen curtains in the bedroom contribute to a soothing atmosphere. Their light weight allows them to sway and billow in the slightest breeze. They are especially attractive when allowed to tumble dry into the softly wrinkled state. Of course, if your bedroom style is a little more formal, the smoothly ironed linen curtains may be more to your taste. Not only are they beautiful on the windows; but linen curtains create equally lovely bed curtains.

Linen curtains are the perfect complement to a casual beach themed style. Pale colors such as blue, green and aqua are well matched with creamy natural linen curtains. They produce a relaxing spa-like atmosphere that creates a restful feeling of well-being and a soothing atmosphere for sleeping.

On the other hand, perfectly smooth ironed linen curtains can appear just as formal as you desire them to be. They will complement darker more formal colors just as well as they do the lighter more casual tones. They also take dye very well if you want the linen curtains to be darker than linen is naturally.

Choosing linen fabrics for bedroom curtains, clothing or any other fabric need is a smart and environmentally friendly choice. Linen is made from Flax, which is sustainable and is grown on an annual basis for harvesting. It has been used as a fabric for many thousands of years.

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