Marketing is always the beginning and the best possible approach for making a business venture successful. Nowadays almost every business likes to have an online presence and this helps it to reach a wider audience of people. It also helps to reduce costs with much less infrastructural spending on both men and materials. We offer different types of business marketing packages and this eventually helps the customer to choose the best one, which will be the most suitable for him. Analysing your local needs we will find out the most cost effective key words, which will help your business to ride the wave of success.
One of the most important points is to improve your profile in order to help in your local business marketing efforts. The technical term is Profile Management and we at Alta Local offer the following

  • Profile Claiming
  • Profile Plus
  • Social Management
  • Blog & Video

Among them the Profile claiming service, which is very crucial on Google, Twitter or Facebook. It is followed by the Profile Plus, which covers a wide range of social networks or search engines. Our offering of Comprehensive social management services has accounts and profiles of 100 social networks. This is a part and parcel of local advertising efforts. Our blog and video services also helps your business blog to gain prominence and helps in your success.
We also offer a wide variety of listing services and this includes,

  • Verified
  • Quick
  • Universal listing

It helps to maximise your online exposure for your business, since it covers a wide scope of search engines, map services, online directories and many more. Verification is one of the most important parts and it helps to authenticate your online business profile. It helps to improve your local business listing and gives you adequate legitimacy to prove your mettle. Local business marketing is a part and parcel of this effort. Verification is mainly done with the help of our third party identity verification partner.
We target some of the premium quick listing sites to help you in your listing services. With the help of quick listing services, we mainly target about 12 to 15 of the most popular listing sites. This helps you to publish quickly and also you receive the results much faster. We have included the quick listing service in our Premium, Essential, Pro-social and the Professional packages.
Then comes the issue of Universal business listings, it helps to give your business the maximum exposure via the online route. This service ensures that, when a customer searches, they are able to get the maximum online exposure. We serve your detailed and onetime information to all the major data channels and also to over 300 digital portals. We at Alta local offer some of the best Universal listing services, where the customer finds the most up-to-date and accurate information. We always submit your verified and accurate information to some of the top-notch data power houses, like Info USA or Axiom. They generally supply over 90% of data for internet search. This will help you to improve your listing over 300 distribution points across the board.

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