Log cabin homes are looked at as a unique way to build a home, but there are many people who have chosen to use a log home kit to create their primary residence or to build a cottage out in the woods. The idea of having a log cabin in a forested area that overlooks a lake or river is something that many people find attractive. The idea of living in a log home is something that many people think about, but it does require an adjustment to the way that you may be used to living. The rustic look of a log cabin can help to give you a great sense of the wide-open country and living out in the great outdoors. But you will need to change the way you think about homes before you can get used to something like a log cabin.

One of the unique features of log cabin homes is that they tend to be an open floor plan as opposed to being sectioned off in rooms. The living room, dining room, family room and the kitchen are generally all the same room. The only way that you can tell which room is which is by the furniture and fixture in each area. You can have individual bedrooms in your log cabin, but the general living areas tend to be more open. Log cabins also tend to be smaller than standard homes. If you are building a log home in an area where it gets cold, then your heating bills could be huge if you build a home that is too large. The high ceilings and open floor plan can be very expensive to heat.

As was just mentioned, log cabin homes tend to have very high ceilings. A traditional log home kit will have nothing between the roof and the interior living space. That means that your roof needs to be constructed very well to prevent heat from being lost through the roof. This is not necessarily the case with all log homes, but it is a general rule. The very high ceilings created by log cabin roofs can be a challenge to clean and can also be difficult to maintain if it starts to leak.

Log cabin homes can be customized to look however you want. Some people have the exterior of a log cabin but the interior of a standard home. But if you want a traditional log home, then you should go with a traditional design.

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