When you tell people that you are heading out to go camping for the weekend or on a weeklong vacation down by the lake, they usually assume that you are staying in a camper, a tent or a log cabin. Log cabins have been associated with camping for a very long time and there are several reasons why people enjoy staying in a log home when they are on their getaway. The next time that you book a vacation for yourself and the family, you should consider staying in a log home down by a lake or river. When you have the experience of staying in a log building for a few days, you will want to make it your regular vacation habit.

One of the reasons why people enjoy staying in a log cabin is that it is something completely different from everything else they are used to. Most people are used to living in their homes with painted drywall or sheetrock walls surrounding them. Even when people go on vacation, they become used to staying in a hotel or motel. When people go camping they usually stay in a tent, a camper or a standard wooden cottage. When you stay in a log home, you are staying in something completely different. It is a new experience that most people will remember for the rest of their lives. It is a chance to get away from everything they know for a little while and be in a completely foreign environment.

Another reason why log cabins are so popular among vacationers is because they give the feeling of being on vacation. The open floor plan, the large windows, the vaulted ceiling that leads straight to the roof and the rustic walls made of log all give the feeling that you are away from it all. Being in a log cabin on the water can be relaxing and peaceful. It is one of those situations where some people do not even bring a television or computer with them because they just want to take in the beauty of the cabin and the surrounding landscape.

A log cabin is one of the symbols of going on vacation and getting away from the world. When people say that they are staying in a log home, they automatically assume that they will be cut off from the rest of the world. In most cases, that is exactly what people want when they head off on vacation.

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