What will be done to the kitchen? There are numerous different supplies for kitchen dressing. It can be designed in a single or a number of colors. If you want contrast, it can be created with the assistance of vibrant-coloured dishes on the cabinets, vibrant curtains etc. The materials for wall, floor and ceiling coverage depends on your monetary situation. The most important elements are usability, endurance, and aesthetics of the chosen material. It also needs to match the final inside design in end and color.

The preferred floor protecting is ceramic tile. It may be completely mixed with partitions and desk surface. Assortment variability existing available in the market, luxurious mosaic photos, imitations of parquet or marble, variety of formats enable to embody fantastic design concepts, unattainable with another material.

The one disadvantage of this material is that the ceramic tile could crack by falling of a tough object on it, and the ft are chilly on them. However that is surmountable: one can use beneath ground heating, electric or water one. Should you choose tile, take the one with rough surface, as a result of smooth tile is made slippery by water, which often happens within the kitchen. Natural wood is simply little much less popular. Its natural warmth, saturated tinges, vivid texture make a kitchen cosy, family and traditional. With wood, completely different variants are doable, too. Drawbacks of wooden are its low moisture and chemical resistance and difficulties in treatment. If items of food or cleansing agent drops fall on it, there’s an excessive chance that they might not be eliminated completely. Thick layer of lacquer or boiled oil partially protects the wooden from these inconveniences. It should be renovated periodically for maintenance of the floor look. Sharp or scorching topics falling on the wooden ground monitor its surface inevitably.

Linoleum has been constantly fashionable for a long time already. It is a slightly low cost, attractive and usable floor coating for any interior. Linoleum is antistatic and soft, would not attract mud, it’s resistant to the direct daylight and home dissolvent-free chemicals.

Its drawbacks are: low melting temperature, softness, vulnerability to dissolvent, and a substantial shrink. Light linoleum turns into yellow with time under the sunrays. The dark one soils itself less and preserves good look longer. But even dark linoleum has a brief life. In 3 – 5 years it should be replaced. Selecting shade, pay your consideration to the bottom layer. It ought to be product of the pure materials. Such linoleum is extra comfortable for feet, and statistical cost is collected less. The main downside of linoleum is that it’s simple to break it with, for example, fallen cigarette-finish or heels. However, the variety of those that prefer this kitchen flooring does not reduce. To begin with, it attracts patrons with its price. If possible, choose natural linoleum, ecological materials having bactericidal properties (micro organism do not propagate on this floor), heat-resistant, antistatic, resistant to chemical substances and aggressive environment. The essential function of the pure linoleum is that it isn’t deformed beneath the furnishings or heels.

Kitchen rival of the linoleum is laminated flooring made from flooring boards with laminated surface. Such floors correspond to lamellar pressed plastic – firm fiberboard with ornamental enduring surface. They’ve several drawbacks. It’s, initially, the necessity to observe special therapy recommendations. For example, one should not use spouting water or wet duster with lengthy fringe for cleaning. Unintentional water drops on the laminate are additionally unadvisable. Laminated flooring react to water similar to parquet. Laborious-to-take away spots (paint, glue, oil etc.) should be removed with the assistance of particular-goal chemicals – traditional agents, as wax, polish and others, don’t match them. Laminate is nearly unattainable to repair. Mending of any defect will remain noticeable. However, under the stress, lifetime of laminated flooring is 5 – 10 years.
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