Obtaining models’ dieting tips is a straightforward method to keep up with the latest fitness news and trends. Movie stars and models understand all the tricks for staying in shape because they have the cash to invest on fitness instructors, fitness centers, and any diet book they could possibly want. If you don’t have that much cash, the following smartest thing is listen to the recommendation of those that do.

Models like Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundschen, along with less popular models, happen to be interviewed repeatedly by journalists wanting to know what advice they’ve for that average person who wants to drop a few unwanted weight or ten.

Here are some from the tips that come up over and over:

1. Drink plenty of water
Your system needs lots of water to be able to metabolize fat efficiently. If you’re active – and you ought to be if you’re trying to lose weight – drink at least 36 ounces (about four and a half glasses) of water each day.

2. Cut back on alcohol
This really is a model’s dieting tip, since models attend a lot of social functions where alcohol is served. They know, though, that alcohol suppresses your body’s capability to burn fat. It also dehydrates, which reverses the benefits of tip #1.

3. Increase your muscle tissue
Muscle, while heavier than fat, burns calories. Getting good of it is easier said than done, though. Basically, this means doing weight training exercises like weight lifting.

4. Have more “diet friendly” nutrients
The very first of these are the B complex vitamins, which increase energy and metabolism.
Calcium can perform exactly the same, but can cause you to feel sleepy, so take it before going to bed. For appetite control, try getting more omega-3 essential fatty acids from sources like fish and nuts. Be sure you include protein in every meal, too. It helps the body build muscle and keeps you feeling full longer.

5. Let yourself cheat
Yes, you read that right. Remember, models aren’t “on a diet” — they live this way. If you wish to keep the weight off, you too will need to permanently change the way you consume. But who would like to give up pizza and frozen treats forever? Most models don’t and also you don’t have to either. Just keep those indulgences to some bare minimum and you will be fine.

These may sound great, but do real models follow their own tips? Well, it turns out they do a minimum of try. On February 18th, 2007 New York Magazine published a very informative article called The Fashion Week Food Diaries. It listed a week-long menu then two models, one female and something male.

Interestingly, Japanese and Mediterranean foods show up frequently, possibly simply because they tend to be low cal but full of nutritious vegetables and seafood which include the diet-friendly nutrients mentioned in tip #4. Both models also commented on their own occasional requirement for snacks, true too tip #5. Also, the models interviewed opted for many small nutrition-rich meals, as opposed to the “standard” three meals a day. This really is another long-popular dieting tip.

Learning from models’ dieting tips is a great method to pick up cutting-edge fitness information without needing to spend hundreds on a personal trainer and all the latest dieting books. Just let the models spend for you, take care of the fitness trends they follow, and you will stay in shape for any fraction of the price.

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